Actor Brad James Talks “For Better or For Worse”, Prisoners WIth

Brad JamesBrad James attended the PVIFF film festival and spoke a little about it being like home from him as he has gone from student of the workshops to Teaching the workshops and now James Big Time Actor working with Tyler Perry and Brad James Brad James seems truly excited about Season II of For Better or Worse premiering on Sept 18th on the OWN Network. Terry Shropshire seemed to be a fan of Brad James and his brilliant idea to start a TV Film Festival and Workshpp with business partner Jasmine Burke. Check out SFMTV interview with Host J-KDubb, Urban Daly Editor at large Tai Saint Boogie and Terry Shropshire “Whitehouse Correspondent/Tom Joyner Cruiser” and Editor at Large at


BradJamesBradBoardBrad James also spoke on his upcoming film titled Prisoners SEPT 20th- starring Hugh Jackman and Terrance Howard.



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