OJ Simpson Is Innocent??

According to Black Scoop Media

Jason-OJ-JasonIn a new book titled “O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It,” private investigator William C. Dear details his 18-year investigation of the June 12, 1994, murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Dear claims that O.J. didn’t kill his wife and her friend — but he did visit the scene of the crime shortly after it occurred — and that evidence suggests his son Jason (who was 24 at the time) did it in a rage killing. SAY WHAT!

Dear made a list of all potential suspects, visited the crime scene and other relevant places, conducted interviews, established a clear timeline of events, debunked alibis, collected evidence and generally aimed to subvert false assumptions made by the LAPD.

Dear’s goal is that the information “will lead to the convening of a special grand jury, an arrest, and a conviction for these senseless murders.”

To most of those who watched the famous “white Bronco” low-speed chase and trial after the killings in 1994, it will likely seem inconceivable that someone other than Simpson committed the murders, but Dear cites some compelling evidence to support his case. At the very least, it seems Jason Simpson should have been considered a suspect, which he never was.

(And if there is any conceivable explanation for OJ’s bizarre behavior after the murders other than that he killed his wife, it is that he knew that his son had killed his wife and wanted to protect him.)

Importantly, this is not the first time Dear has investigated a murder. He used the same method to solve the murder of an Ohio man named Dean Milo, which resulted in 11 people (including Milo’s brother) being sent to jail.

Below are 10 of Dear’s reasons why OJ’s son did it…

1. Prior to the killings, OJ’s son Jason was diagnosed with “intermittent rage disorder” (AKA Jekyll and Hyde syndrome) and was given the drug Depakote to control his rage and seizures

2. A note titled “Dear Jason” that described the writer as being three persons was identified by handwriting experts as being written by Jason Simpson; he also wrote about killing anyone who hurt his loved ones and how he felt like “Jekyll and Hyde” (in diaries obtained by Dear)


3. In January 1994, six months before the killings, Jason went to the emergency room because he heard voices of people who weren’t there and said he felt as if he was “going to rage” because he ran out of Depakote; he stopped taking Depakote two months before the murders

4. In his past, Jason had nearly killed a girlfriend (with a knife) and almost seriously injured another in fits of rage (whereas O.J. has been accused of domestic abuse but he has never been arrested for assault and was not prone to use weapons to settle a dispute)

5. Based on pictures of Ron Goldman’s badly bruised and swollen hands, he must have struck hard blows to the assailant; the next day O.J. voluntarily stripped at the LAPD and there were no marks or bruises that indicated he had been in a scuffle

6. The murders took place between 9:45 and 10:05 p.m.; Jason was by himself after approximately 9:50 p.m. and “has no alibi that can be supported by anyone else as to where he was while the killings occurred.”

7. Jason’s time card for the night of the murders was handwritten, despite the fact that the electronic time clock was working

Oj-Jason-38. The black “navy watch cap” found at the crime scene contained animal hair and African American hair fibers that did not match O.J.


9. At the time of the murders, 24-year-old Jason was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon for attacking his boss with a kitchen knife

10. Dear bought contents of a storage locker owned by Jason Simpson around the time of the murders and found a knife that matched the description of the murder weapon. “After examination of [Jason’s] knife by a world-renowned forensic scientist, the butt of the knife appears to match the blow/injury Nicole Simpson suffered on the top of her head” (whereas O.J.’s Swiss Army knife and stilleto were conclusively ruled out as the murder weapon)


The day after the murders (and four days prior to his arrest), O.J. hired top criminal attorney Carl Jones to represent Jason even though he wasn’t a suspect


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