Did Pebbles (The Pimp) Have A “Problem” With Chili Because She (Alledgely) Caught Her In Bed With LA Reid?

pebbles-031620111Did Pebbles Kick Chilli Out of the Group After Alledgedly Catching Her in Bed With LA Reid?
See it was really weird in the movie how no one ever made mention of this “however” WORD on the Streets on the WEST COAST is this was the Only Reason Chilli was kicked out the group. But I guess over in the dirty south everyone was in denial of this rumor which really came from a very reliable source BACK IN THE DAY. But if everyone denies it then I had to brush it under the rug myself. However reading the other blogs like TattleTales the other day I realized that there must be some truth to the story “like my grandmother always says about a lie”

With the Movie of TLC coming out today, I thought it would be fitting to find out some background Tea on Sister Perri and what I found would make your mouth drop, it will explain why she was so ruthless, especially back in the days of TLC. See she was taught well. Pebbles mentioned in an interview how one of her older boyfriends taught her the ropes she didn’t say any names and kept it vague, but you kind of sensed what she was alluding to. She was turned out from the streets. Pebbles just needs to write a book about her life because it is very interesting… Did you know she has “THREE” children? We know of her daughter and Aaron with LA Ried, but there is on that she never talks about.. His name is Tian.. Short for sebastian Mckissack.

Pebbles loved the streets, she loved it so much that she was a prostitute before she became a star in Oakland, people are speculating that her son is from someone other than LA, but we will never know they are even claiming that it could be Prince’s son… Read the comments when you click so much drama… … Apparently she cheated on LA with her off and on lover at the time for many years Joe Broadnax, from north oakland. He was a big time dope dealer back then and she reconnected with him and made Tian… But she tried to give LA the credit.

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