Why Is Beyonce Stans Giving Her the Blues about Blu IVY’s Hair?

coolio-blueBeyonce’s STANS Need to Mind Their Business When It Comes To Her Daughter’s Hair
You know what? I think there are certain lines that people do not need to cross and a comment on anything about a child what you do with you child what you don’t do when it comes to your child. Well, that’s where people just cross the line and some things are best just not said. Beyonce and JayZ can afford to have Bluea personal hair dresser for Blu Ivy 24/7 but obviously that is not where their priorities lie. She’s a baby and well. You know what? Brushing the hair actually stimulates the scalp. Which also makes the hair grow especially when you are young. Perhaps is the lack of brushing. You know what? These damn Beyonce Stans trying to trick me up into making an opinion. Ok let me STHU! Take a look at the pics. It was just dead wrong to compare Blu Ivy’s hair to Cooli.

Do You Think These Comments Are Just Wrong?”

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 1.19.15 PM

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