3 Ways To Recognize Dilusional Disorders

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Man I miss my psychology class. I learned so much about human behavior and why people do what they do and think how they think. Especially the men! Men have this strange way of thinking and rationalizing that makes you say HUH? But the one thing I pray to God for every night is preserving the mental health of me and my family. Mental health is very prevalent and unfortunately it’s one of those things we just cannot control on our own. This is why I love Sandra Rose’s medical minutes. Especial the article about the rotten tooth and how it connects to the brain somehow. Ok back on the issue at hand. Please read more to understand the Steps 1-3. This could change your life or help a friend if they only understood the issue.


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Delusional disorders involve holding fixed beliefs that are definitely false but remain plausible and are believed in strongly by the sufferer. Having a delusional disorder is not a form of schizophrenia, with which it is often confused. Instead, delusions involve situations that can actually occur for the individual for at least a month or more in duration and these beliefs generally appear normal for the sufferer. Overall, the person’s behaviors are generally normal apart from the delusional element.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) lists six types of delusional disorders: erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic, and mixed. Each of these disorders is explored here to aid in its recognition. And remember as you learn more about these disorders that the mind is an incredible force and is capable of many strange imaginings that it then insists are real.

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