Peter Gunz Selling Out For Reality T.V? Scumbag? Or Just Plain Mean and Heartless?

rsz_petergYou know what’s crazy? The only reason I was upset because of Peter Gunz actions was because of the possibility that his girlfriend Tara had no head’s up that this situation would slap her in the face on Reality TV to reveal the fool she had been on National television for all her family and friends to see. Lots of women live secret relationships SOLO of course, (so secret the men have no clue the relationships even exist) Which take you back to my article entitled (3 Steps to Recognizing Delusional behavior)

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 7.13.21 PMOvernight, the Grammy-nominated, former member of the rap duo Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq had metamorphosed from the voice of reason on Love & Hip Hop season three and star of MTV’s Son Of A Gun to an Internet punching bag. In one short episode, we learned that Gunz was cheating on his baby mama of thirteen years, Tara, with his artist, Amina. Then we found out Gunz and Amina were secretly married. That completely turned the world upside down and legally made the side chick the main chick and the main chick the side chick. In other words, Gunz is currently having an affair with his baby mama and is married to his mistress.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.00.43 PMAll this leads to my next question. Is the being the side chick the new Wifey? Seems the side chicks are really winning these days in their own ways.

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