Mason J Records Presents new single by GT Exsquisite “Shut Up”

 Rap Artist "GT Exsquisite"

Rap Artist “GT Exsquisite”

With a new single and a new look “GT Exsquisite” wants you to “Shut UP” , not literally but that’s the name of his new single!  Following his story was a two martini no brainer! A Hot new artist with a Hot new song! Find out what makes “GT Exsquisite” so unique after the cut.

A mixture of golden era hip hop and new era blend is how GT Exsquisite describes the songs on his upcoming EP. The message and concept of the EP’s title is inspired by the fact that “so many people give up on their dreams, especially when they reach a certain age,” he says.  “It’s never too late to do or to be what’s in your heart,” adds the Tallahassee, FL native, who now makes his home in Brunswick, GA.

An athlete since he could walk and run, at an early age he set his sights on becoming a professional football player, In 2002, he earned a full scholarship from the University of Miami to conquer his dream to become an NFL player.  In 2006, GT Esxquisite was dealt an unexpected blow, before even spending a full season as a pro baller with a national team. Not seeing eye-to-eye with his college coach during his Senior year proved to be damaging to his future and would follow him on and off the field.  Ultimately, that situation would be the catalyst that would change the course of his future. Although his goal of becoming a national player paid off in 2006 when he signed as a free agent with the Atlanta Falcons as a Strong Safety, but the union only lasted 5 months, and, unfortunately, he was released from the team.

Unsurprisingly frustrated and separated from the one thing he knew he truly loved, lead to  a down-ward spiral for the 22 year old athlete. All that he had aimed for had been sacrificed, but he was determined not to be defeated by his crisis. He knew he had to transition his life and create a clear niche for his future.

Realizing that he had a gift of writing songs that give words life, GTE turned his attention to music and began penning his emotions on paper – and pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper. He recognized at a young age that he had a passion for music when, as kids, he and two friends formed a local group in his hometown. It was that childhood friend that told him he had something special when he wrote a verse for a song titled, “Here I Am.” In 2014, he embarked on a path to start laying down his verses and beats and recording his music.

GTE understood the importance of having a strong team behind him to take him to the next level. Smartly, he forged a union with super-producer Chris Starr, CEO of CSP Music Group in Atlanta (song collaborations and associations: Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Gorilla Zoe…) who understood his vision as a story-telling artist. After teaming with Starr in his recording studio, he started rolling out a collection of memoirs that mirrored his own life journey, which led to Never Too Late. “I create music that is more than just money, cars, trying to be fresh and cool. My music is a passage way through my mind, my experience, what I’ve been through. What makes it  special is, it’s my story.”

The first single from the EP, titled “Tell Me” reveals the emotion of a man that’s doing all he can to satisfy and keep his woman happy, no matter what he does it’s not enough though because she’s wanting that glamour life.“When concerning you I put my foot forward best, hard worker blue collar want it I cop it; set to rise above the nonsense just to come out victorious, cause gorgeous I cook, clean, romantic in ways that most men are afraid to strongly display; I’m here trying to cater to every need in the process losing myself, like where is me?; to me you’re royal yes my queen forever loyal to thee, that’s why I stick it out hope and prayers most honestly is that you see I’m all you need continue fighting to be it.”“The lyrics were inspired by a relationship he was in with a woman that wanted everything except the right thing.”

The unswerving track, “Shut Up” is a candid in-your-face song, that’s geared toward all the people that’s talking too much and have no idea what they are talking about. “The lyrics were inspired by me coming in contact with a lot of people that are just talking for the attention.” Shut Up is now available on  iTunes.


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