Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison For Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

PHAEDRA-APOLLOApollo Nida faced reality today July 8th as a Fulton county Judge sentenced him to serve 8 years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft. Word on the curb is Apollo caught a huge break for “Singing like a Canary” aka SNITCHING per our friends of the family at TMZ. Nida could have been facing 30 years in prison as the maximum as this was not his first offense. TMZ notes:

Nida — who appears on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with wife Phaedra Parks — was just sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 mil through phony bank accounts.

The judge who sentenced him today in a Georgia court said Nida did indeed cooperate with federal investigators by spilling criminal secrets … and that’s why he got leniency.

The authorities definitely Nida’s attorney Thomas Bever attempted to get the sentence reduced due to Nida poor upbringing but Pannell felt that since Apollo is 35 years old (a grown Man) this was not a factor. According to our friends over at the AJC: Continue reading

Bombay Sapphire and Jamie Brown Presents: Dwight Eubanks and The Lisa Nicole Collection at the A List Fashion Show

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.05.55 AMBombay Sapphire drinks permeating throughout the room as Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine Women Cast mates sipped on cocktails and sashayed around the room all dolled up in expectation of the big night!

Ceasar MitchellJamie Foster Brown, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Atlanta City Counsel President “Ceasar Mitchell” and Former RHOA Dwight Eubank.

Lisa Nicole CollectionThe Lisa Nicole Collection clothing line fashion Brand has managed to take off like wild flowers within less than a 2 year time span thanks to Lisa’s  Creative Director Dwight Eubanks collaborative effort with her and hard work. And as Lisa Nicole CollectionDwight Eubanks put it “Finally a Fashion Show with real Fashions” #Was that a Read?  Tonight was Special because the Fashion Show was actually for a Cause. The Event was to raise money for MedShares (Non Profit 501c). Ceasar Mitchell was on hand to present a Proclamation to the city to Lisa Nicole Cloud for her efforts to give back to the community. Bombay SapphireJamie Foster Brown Publisher of Sister to Sister Magazine and Dwight Eubanks

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.58.22 AMWayne Thomas – Counsul General of Haiti in Atlanta and Lisa Nicole Cloud ( Now off to the bar we go! Who’s spotted first?Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.03.23 AMThe beautiful Kari Wells cast member of Married to Medicine – Bravo’s Season 1

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.05.30 AMGuests are spotted at the bar with the Bombay Sapphire bartenders conducting the “EXPERIENCE” of putting together your own cocktail. There was Basil on board and simple syrup to create the perfect Gin Martini and give the patron a change to build a long lasting relationship with an old acquaintance (GIN) ;-0

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.07.44 AMHere are the ingredients that make the Perfect Gin Bombay Sapphire Martini! And the perfect Guests after the guest has a couple cocktails

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.06.19 AMNope the cocktails don’t have you seeing two. These are the R &B Twins!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.05.06 AMNice!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.03.08 AMKari Wells – Married to Medicine Season 1

Jamie BrownJamie Brown Greeting the Guests

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.00.38 AMJamie Foster Brown poses with Married to Medicine Cast and friends.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.58.58 AMQuad Webb-Lunceford,(Designer) Reco Chappell, Toya Bush-Wright and her husband Eugene (It must be time for the show to Start)

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.13.13 AMNice

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.08.20 AMMarried to Medicine for Real. That’s good looking medicine right?

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.08.44 AMHey that guy looks familiar

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.02.42 AMJamie Brown Looking Good!

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.58.22 AM

K. Michelle Autograph Signing and Mona Scott-Young Get In the Myx At Wallmart

K Michelle WallmartK. Michelle showed up and showed out at the Wallmart in Decatur on Friday Nov 22nd and emphasis on the word Out which I will get into in a short second. Mona Scott-Young was onsite pushing her Myx Moscato as well. Beautiful Textures was the beauty product patrons were encouraged to spend over $5 to qualify to take a picture with K. Michelle. The line of folks wrapped abound the corner of the aisle way all anxious with K. Michelle’s Rebellious Continue reading

WNBA Players Alex Bentley and Jasmine Thomas Invite You Sept 8 (3pm) #NationalAnthem #Celebrities #HalfTimeShow


WNBA- Players and Penn State Graduate Alex Bentley and Duke University graduate Jasmine Thomas invite everyone to purchase their game tickets for Sunday September 8th’s Spirit Day at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Game time 3:00 PM

Continue reading

Kidd Kraddick’s Death Caused By an Enlarged Heart

download (1)According to our friend’s over at CelebofTea Popular radio and TV host Kidd Kraddick’s death was caused by an enlarged heart — a diagnosis that is arguably poetic. During his time on Earth, Kraddick founded the Kidd’s Kids charity and was known for his devotion to making others smile.

But in reality, an enlarged heart can be dangerous. And as Kraddick’s autopsy results show, the condition can be quite fatal. According to The Dallas Morning News, Kraddick “has been a staple in the Dallas market since his late-night debut in 1984.” His morning show “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” is syndicated and broadcast to an estimated 100 cities. Continue reading

Tameka “Tiny” Harris’s Dad Looses His Battle with Alzheimer – RIP Charles Popes

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 1.59.10 AMTameka “Tiny” Harris’ father, whose long battle with Alzheimer’s was chronicled on her reality TV series, passed away Thursday.
Most of Tiny’s fans were introduced to her father, Charles Popes, when BET’s “Tiny & Toya” premiered. Tiny explained her affection and love for her father whose vocal talent she inherited.
According to reports, Tiny informed her fans of her loss via Facebook and thanked God for the time she had with her dad.
“Today I lost my father,” she wrote. “Right now Im heart broken and Im sad Continue reading

Did Porsha D Stewart Cheat on Kordell While They Were Married?


porsha-stewart-bravo-lead2Oh what a tangled web we weave when first Porsha Stewart alleged practices to deceive. Hmmmm was there valid reasons that Kordell was locking Porsha out of the house because maybe she was creeping in a 2-3am out Twerking it Somewhere? Continue reading

Did Stevie J “Don King” Joseline With the Contract? No Wonder Joseline Waiting To Be On Pay Per View #Epicfail

Looks like Stevie J has got Joseline by the balls (so to speak) Joseline admits signing Stevie J’s contract without even reading it. We all know that Hitman Stevie J came from the era of Bad Boys Club. He was taught by the best and rolls with the pros. No wonder Stevie J let’s Joseline act a damn fool all the time. At the end of the day Mimi Faust may be Molly Maid but Joseline Hernandez is the Cash Cow! Continue reading

Erica Dixon Refers to “Momma Dee” as The Devil’s SISTER “WOW” – See Global Grind Video

MommaDee-BhindiJewelsErica Dixon got a chance to speak to GlobalGrind at one of the VH1 Love and Hip Hop Promo Press Parties and She blatantly expressed that she deals with momma Dee on a need to deal with her basis. This just may be the safest decision for Erica to make.

lil-scrappy-shay-johnson-erica-dixonCheck out the Video:

These ladies are something else. I’m speechless everytime I watch an episode of Love and Hip Hop. If there was a writer who was able to script this show, I could show you a writer that would never be out of work. Between Mimi Faust and her incredible HULK moments with Stevie J. and K Michelle and all her personalities. Shay and Erica always wanting to fight. Momma Dee always wanting to whoop Erica’s A$$. Scrappy who can’t stay out of jail. molly-themaidMs Joseline the Self Proclaimed Baddest B#$%! who constantly loves to piss off Mimi reminding her she’s a MAID. I think Joseline is not convinced that Mimi is not cleaning those houses herself. Well, I’m still a little confused as to why Mimi is between houses or why Joseline makes her sooo angry. I’m also confused as to why Mimi believes that her and Stevie and  what they have- himaid-550x413Why does she insist at any point since Joseline came into the picture – WHY would she ever believe that what she and Stevie have could be called a relationship?

Married to Medicine Women May Need to Be on Medication! Fighting in Ball Gowns? Team #TackyToya or Team Mariah??

toya-tackyhttp://www.realitytea.com/2013/04/15/married-to-medicine-recap-two-bitches-fighting-in-ball-gowns-mariah-huq-toya-bush-harris/ If you want to read the entire story

OMG! Were the only words coming out of my mouth when I was checking out Bravo this past Sunday night. I’m just glad I ordered Chinese food and had my left over Target Popcorn. #Good-Stuff Bravo! You have done it again. Cheers!!!  The fight was #Classic! But I do have to declare Toya the winner. Even though this video doesn’t seem like it


I’m just going to give you some paragraphs from RealityTea.com Blog. They said it all and there’s nothing left to say. I felt bad for both husbands as this party was definitely not the place for a fight or conversations that were taking place. Clearly both these women had a very selfish moment. Husbands should be hanging their heads low and if they are not then maybe they need to be medicated as well. SMDH!


After she and Toya are separated, Mariah says, “I could of killed Toya’s ass. I could of threw her ass in that pool and drowned that bitch.” Mama Lucy assures Mariah that she did well, adding, “You did a good job, you hit her back. I hope you beat her ass well.” Meanwhile, a sobbing Toya is holed up in the bathroom with Simone.


 Kari fetches her neighborhood’s security officer, asking him to remove Mariah from the party, but Mariah refuses to leave her own party. Mariah thinks Kari needs to tell Tori to leave. Later, Duncan boldly says to Kari, “Mariah’s life is ruined. Aydin is going to divorce her tomorrow. I guarantee it.”

Please leave your comments after reading this!  Let’s Start with Kari and Mariah and Mariah’s Arrival….

Lucy joins Quad‘s never-ending bitch fest, Toya catches up with Kari, andSimone seeks out Mariah. Simone asks, “Are you behaving?” to which Mariah says, “I’m always behaving, Dr. Jackie.” Simone’s like, um, you mean Simone. Mariah cops an attitude over the correction, saying, “You’re all prissy and perfect now. I miss my Simone from Tennessee.” Once again, Mariah is most definitely under the influence of something, as her speech sounds slurred and she’s not making any sense. 

 Then, Toya feels the need to approach Mariah, and everything goes to hell. Toya asks Mariah why Mama Lucy chewed her out, adding, “My mother would never disrespect you like that.” Mariah loses it, screaming, “Well, that’s your mama and that’s MY MAMMMAAA!” Mariah is all like, I’m way too pretty to talk to you, and then she flicks the ends of Toya’s hair. Craziness ensues.
Toya-DrEugene Toya throws her drink in Mariah‘s face. Mariah smacks Toya upside the head with her clutch. They each grab hands full of hair and fall to the ground.
quad-2therescue Quad spies the brawl and comes running, screaming, “What?! Oh hell no! Absolutely not!” Quad’s attempt to pull them apart only leads to bigger grabs, harder hits, and a shattered table. Gregory holds Quad back, Aydin pulls Mariah away, and Mama Lucy beats Toya in the head with her purse while she’s still down.Simone wisecracks, “Two bitches fighting in ball gowns. Are you kidding me?” Check out the Video Below…