Mason J Records Presents new single by GT Exsquisite “Shut Up”

 Rap Artist "GT Exsquisite"

Rap Artist “GT Exsquisite”

With a new single and a new look “GT Exsquisite” wants you to “Shut UP” , not literally but that’s the name of his new single!  Following his story was a two martini no brainer! A Hot new artist with a Hot new song! Find out what makes “GT Exsquisite” so unique after the cut.

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Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison For Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

PHAEDRA-APOLLOApollo Nida faced reality today July 8th as a Fulton county Judge sentenced him to serve 8 years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft. Word on the curb is Apollo caught a huge break for “Singing like a Canary” aka SNITCHING per our friends of the family at TMZ. Nida could have been facing 30 years in prison as the maximum as this was not his first offense. TMZ notes:

Nida — who appears on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with wife Phaedra Parks — was just sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 mil through phony bank accounts.

The judge who sentenced him today in a Georgia court said Nida did indeed cooperate with federal investigators by spilling criminal secrets … and that’s why he got leniency.

The authorities definitely Nida’s attorney Thomas Bever attempted to get the sentence reduced due to Nida poor upbringing but Pannell felt that since Apollo is 35 years old (a grown Man) this was not a factor. According to our friends over at the AJC: Continue reading

Adrian Peterson’s Baby Momma and Son Revealed


Ann “Ashley” Doohen is the mother of Adrian Peterson‘s late 2-year-old son, Ty Doohen, and report. This story is so freaking sad when you think about how at the age of two is when Continue reading

Adrian Peterson: Please Stop Tweeting Pics of My Son That Lives With Me! #Respectively

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.18.33 PMOn Friday, Twitchy reported the heartbreaking news that the son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson died after a brutal beating. It was initially reported that the victim was Adrian Peterson Jr., but accounts now indicate it was another son. Peterson took to Twitter to set things straight and respectfully asked people to stop tweeting pics of Adrian Jr.

Apparently Adrian Peterson had two sons that were 2 years old and no they were not twins. Allegedly his dad and close family members were the only ones who knew about this son. Certainly his current son’s mother didn’t allegedly even know about the baby boy. Talk about whatever is done in the dark. This is such a tragic story and situation. Men! See how important it is to take care of all your kids because you never know what they may be going through. Women! Please stop letting your jump offs who don’t even know how to treat you right take care of your kids!!!!!  

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.18.23 PM

Oscar Fashion – Fabulina Designs Drapes the Neckline of Celebrity Stylist Nyssa Green on Atl&Co

Nyssa Green and Evelyn Mims joined ATL& Co. anchor Shaunya Chavis and debated their lists of likes and dislikes on the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet Award Show. Nyssa “Celebrity Stylist” wore a beautiful necklace designed by Charleen “Owner of Fabulina Designs”. For more neckwear

BTS-NyssaGNyssa Green w/Style Team “The Green Room Agency” Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes – Nat Brown Gives Nyssa the Perfect Eye …  Nyssa is Such the Style Queen & Make Up MasterNyssa-BehindTheScenes

Evelyn-Mimms-NatMs Evelyn Gets the Perfect Eyes and Lips too.

EvelynMims-NatEvelyn Mims and Nat Brown “The Green Room Agency MUA”

Ch-Ev-NyThe Three Fashionistas Report their Likes and dislikes of the Oscars

EvelynMimsHeyyyyy where are my eyes Nat???

ChefMarcus-11aliveWell I found something better behind the scenes. “Chef Marcus and he had bread pudding, beef mini burger sliders and more” Yummy!

Joe Budden in Atlanta, Red Carpet Fails, and Master P Hits DOA

JoeBuddenKevin- Aurum (Nightclub) Owner and Joe Budden

AdienneMimi-ROArianna and Mimi Faust “Love and Hip Hop ”


Red Carpet Fails 



Tissue under the shoe and see through top (w/bad breasts?) really? Which is worse? Saggy no nursing breasts or tissue under the shoe?

JoeBudden-walkingpastcarpetJoe Budden arriving after 1am and totally walking past the photographers that were there waiting on him since 10:30 – SINCE the ROlling Out Joe Budden Magazine Party started at 10pm-midnight… Way to go Joe….

textMessge-joeMaybe Joe needed to hurry to VIP to check his text mssgs. Nice pose for the photographers 

zeldaZelda , Stacy Jai, and Ms Jamie Brown 

jamie Brown-stueyrock

Stuey Rock and Jamie Brown StueyROck-blgd

Stuey Rock is in the buildingggggg

partysceneParty Scene




LATER THAT NIGHT – Master P needed Police Escort to rush him and 25+ member possee to DOA …WOW!


Rhianna’s German Trespasser Turned Out To Not Be a Stalker – Just A Moron -Reports TMZ

ImageTMZ discovered The German dude who trespassed on to the property where Rihanna is staying in Barbados is not a stalker and poses no threat … he’s just a moron … this according to police. 

When TMZ broke the story, the cops were called to the property when the random German guy swam up to Rihanna’s beachfront villa yesterday … and tried to walk in like he belonged. He clearly did not. 

Cops tell TMZ … officers spoke with the man and determined it was all just a giant misunderstanding. The guy simply didn’t realize he was entering private property, despite the fact there was a large security team standing guard. 

He was not arrested — and police say he’s not in trouble at all. 

As for Rihanna … she was probably too high to realize anything happened anyway.

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