Mister Cee Caught On Tape Driving With Cross-Dressing Prostitute, Resigns From HOT 97

Mister Cee Resigns from radio stationHot 97’s DJ Mister Cee’s name is in the news for all the wrong reasons, again. A cross dressing drag queen named Bimbo Winehouse claims to have a voicemail recording of Mister Cee soliciting him/her for sexual services. In the video, Winehouse starts off singing Continue reading

Another Martini Moment With Shay Johnson at Social Cravings- Bob Tests His French Accent and Discusses (Regenjification)- Terry Shropshire Attends the Black Enterprise Conference and Guess What?

anotherMM-ShayBob Whitfield and Kristen conducted interviews at Social Cravings and admitted that Shay Johnson (unlike most reality TV people) when they have an Terry-BangDonVitoopportunity to spill the beans they do. However, Shay didn’t! She encouraged them to Watch the Show and find out for themselves what happens. What do Jonell-laughsyou think about this picture of Bob Whitfield and Shay Johnson (now that Scrappy is going to rehab Bob should be in the clear of getting dem paws put on him). Now if you listen to the interview you will be able to disprove what Bob Whitfield was saying in the interview. Hmmmmmm Bob tries out his new bob-kristen-jonellPRfrench accent he picked up on netflix. The drink of the week was Tres Generaciones Tequila with orange juice.

shayjohnson-bobwhitfieldShay looks really cute! To her right (her left really) is her stylist Kristen.

Another Martini Moment with Jonell-PR “The Event Reporter ” on SFMTV.com -VIDEO

JonellPR-Kristen-BobWDid you get a chance to check in with us last week? Whatupbob – Bob Whitfield, K-Dubb Kristen Walter, Terry Shropshire (White house Correspondent, Soul Train Cruiser), and Super Producer “Shondrae Crawford known to the world as Mr Bangladesh joins The Event Reporter Continue reading

Another Martini Moment w/Jonell PR The Event Reporter on Simcolfm – Bob Whitfield Talks #FixMyLife – Bangladesh Speaks on The LA Fakers & Dwight Coward with Kobe Bryant (Coach Kobe) Injured

AMM-bang-ban-FULLCAstSimcolfm.com was filled with laughter yesterday as there were several HOT TOPICS up for discussion. The most interesting discussions overall was our HOT TOPIC CO-HOST himself Bob Whitfield as he was gearing up for the loads of tweets , text messages, facebook posts, etc that were soon to come when his episode of #FixMyLife with Iyana Vanzant starring himself and Sheree Whitfield airred the same saturday night at 10pm on the OWN Network. Very interesting talk.

Bangladesh-smilesOur newest Cast Member “Mr Bangladesh”Super Producer- brings Sports Talk to the table and gets to express his views with Bob Whitfield and Cast Member Terry Shropshire “Editor At Large” with Rollingout.com . Why don’t you really tell us how you feel about the LA Fakers , Kobe Bryant and Dwight “Coward”. Continue reading

Mr. Bangladesh, Diggy Simmons, Wale, MeMpHiT, Rakim, BustaRhyme, Sean Garrrett and other Red Carpet Hotties at the BET HIP HOP AWARDS 2012

Bangladesh and his New Artist “FastLIfe”

Wale “Wallah” Hey!!!

MeMpHiTz “Rakim”

Diggy Simmons


Wiz Khalifa 

KeySwag3000 and Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Jr.


Sean Garrett- @RedCarpetFlowViolators n the Building


Ninja TurtlesMystycal (Who Knew He Was Out?)





A$AP Rocky – (When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong) – Grabs Rihanna’s BOOTY At End of Performance

Her Flying Fish was his Favorite Dish ALright!” I don’t know which was more embarrassing “Rihanna pushing his hand away or him Grabbing her Booty in front of Chris Brown” When Rihanna performs I just get the feeling that she was born to do this! Don’t you? Continue reading

Bangladesh Goes to London Day 1 – Rihana Business???

A day in the life of super music producer Bangladesh known to some as Shondrae Crawford. AmiAmiliAmili is now keeping it straight 100. Yes, Bangladesh put on his (Beats by Dre) assumably…or could be Soul by Luda..not sure but I saw him put something on his ears and head into the recording booth. This time it was to launch his 1st single on his new debut album due late fall. New single entitled “Keep it 100”. Let us know what you think.

Click : http://db.tt/d30ioX48

Singer Monica Celebrates the Launch of #CherryNOIR at the #HotelNoir Event in Atlanta

“I will definitely Drink to that!” This past Thursday night the theme was Black and Red and the decor was so on point at the W Hotel In Fabulous Buckhead (Atlanta) , GA. Monica Brown was accompanied by her sexy husband Shannon Brown (who some mistook for Chris Brown) at the #CHERRYNOIR cocktail party. We received a media invite from Jonell Media PR and knew we had to accept before the Red Carpet Shut Down. There were lots of nice outfits and high heels and quite a few good looking men in the room as well. Check out what Upban Kompass TV was able to capture as Monica Hit the Red Carpet!!!!

Brandy Put It Down f’ Chris Brown NEW MUSIC- Produced by Bangladesh

The album we have been long awaiting is just around the corner. I believe May is the Big Month in which we can anticipate Brandy’s new release 12’eleven o’clock. Is that it? You know I’ve had about 5 Martinis after listening to the lyrics on this song. What do you think? Does Brandy have it backwards? Should you fall in love before he puts it down or if he puts it down do you fall in love or get sprung? Or is it the same thing? Well, I LOVE THE SONG!! I give it a 8 Martini Vote! Which the #8 represents completion in Martini Talk because 8 Martinis is just where I have to STOP the press because I will be completely on Full After 8.

Let me know what you think of the song. 6Foot 7, Amili, Diva producer Shondrae Crawford aka to you as Mr Bangladesh was the producer & Sean Garrett was the writer. Now which one is Batman and which one is Robin? Well I know Brandy is Wonder Woman with this hit! You did that girl! Congrats