“I Never Cheated” admits Kirk Frost of Vh1 Hip Hop Atlanta – On Kandi Koated Nites

IMG_2599Kirk Frost claims he never cheated on Rasheeda with anyone. He was just trying to make her upset and pay him more attention because I believe he may have been going through pre-mid life crisis. Some men who grow up to fast actually never grow up. Perhaps Kirk missed his single days.

IMG_2573Nikki Niccole showed off her new blonde hair and dress


Essence Atkins – Really? Tyler Perry Should Add You to His Casting Department -NOT! – Have Several Seats Please!

tyler-perry-kim-kardashianEssence Atkins seems to be doing the wrong thing in Hollywood or maybe she’s gotten bitten by the Marketing or Movie Director’s Bug. Seems she is now the authority on what works and what doesn’t work in Box Office Films. Must have been all those Box Office Hits of her Own that she starred in. It’s really not smart to piss off Tyler Perry Fans seeing as you are out promoting a Home DVD movie and most of Tyler Perry’s fans support the DVD world. After his “Failed Casting Tricks Don’t Work– according to Essence Atkins quotes to Sister to Sister Magazine ” seems then Tyler Perry goes on to make millions of dollars in DVD sales through his distribution with Wallmart Continue reading