Kim Zolciak-Bierman’s Handsome Lil “KJ” Broke His Wrist Right Before Christmas :-(

Photo credit “Courtesy of Kim’s Twitter”kim-zolciaks-son-kj-broke-his-wrist__oPtWe know Kim Zolciak probably had to have 3 Margaritas to digest the news that lil “KJ’s Wrist was actually broken. Heck we had to have 5 when we read the news “How Terrible, KJ we wish you a speedy recovery sweetpea”

Poor lil KJ “him fall down go Boom”! This face is so priceless. I can only imagine how helpless he looks in his little cast. The good news is…babies little bones heal so fast and he’s so young that he will never even remember what happened. Hope he’s better soon Kim. We know he’ll be just fine in NO TIME at all.

On Sunday, Kim Zolciak took to her Twitter to announce that her sonKJ broke his wrist, she wrote:

Right before hubbys game last night KJ fell down and broke his wrist! Spent a few hrs in the ER! Its so horrible so see baby KJ in a cast ☹

(You and baby KJ are in our prayers Kim and Kroy)