Chris Brown Is Definitely Doing the Most! #BehindBarsAGAIN #EpicFail

chrispraysChris Brown and His Bodyguard Get Thrown In Jail
Ok now as much as I have always tried to be #TeamChrisBrown I am seriously considering throwing in the towel. I mean why not? Obviously Chris Brown
is throwing in his own D%$# towel so I might as well join him. Someone please tell me how you and your bodyguard get thrown in jail? That just means the Bodyguard was acting as big of a #$% as Chris Brown or either was beating the crap out of someone tryng to protect Chris to the point where now he is also behind bars. This is ridiculous. I am really inclined to start believing the alledged “Drug Use” stories as to why RihRih had to leave him. If you know better do better Chris. Only someone adgitated by drug problems would get so upset that someone jumped in a photograph to the point where they want to punch them in the face. Especially a certain someone that’s on probabtion and should not get spotted so as much as Busting a Grape!~

Now, if Chris Brown gets sentenced he could face 4 years in Prison over some picture with the fan. Either Chris Brown needs some serious rehab help, anger management classes or his lease is up on his Mansion and he could stand the free rent and R and R in the Jail for the Rich. One question –
When Did Jail Become the New Country Club? Did I Miss Something?
check out what had happened was

Chris Brown

was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning (Oct. 27) for felony assault after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel, according to TMZ the Huffinton Post Reports:

According to ABC News, a D.C. police spokeswoman said Brown got into an argument with a man outside the W Hotel at 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue at 4:30 a.m. Brown reportedly began punching the man after the situation got heated. Officials believe he was not under the influence of anything at the time of the incident.

CNN reports that Brown’s bodyguard was also jailed following the altercation.

Brown is currently in custody and will be held until court on Monday (Oct. 28), since he is not eligible for release until seeing a judge, a source told ABC News. As for the other man, TMZ has learned that he’s being evaluated at a D.C. hospital.
Talk About Keeping It Real Going Wrong

Insanity – Rihana and Chris Brown Riding Around In LA….Expecting Different Results

rihanna-cbrownCruising down the street. No manager, no chaperone, no publicist, no friends in the car, no security. (Let’s face it – Riding around in LA being worth Millions of Dollars in Endorsement Deals, Publishing fees, probably they are wearing jewelry. It’s just NOT SMART to cruise around in LA- Drop Top unless you are from LA with security in tow. Pictures don’t show everything so let’s just hope a Body Guard is Following them.See More Pics  Continue reading

Rhianna’s German Trespasser Turned Out To Not Be a Stalker – Just A Moron -Reports TMZ

ImageTMZ discovered The German dude who trespassed on to the property where Rihanna is staying in Barbados is not a stalker and poses no threat … he’s just a moron … this according to police. 

When TMZ broke the story, the cops were called to the property when the random German guy swam up to Rihanna’s beachfront villa yesterday … and tried to walk in like he belonged. He clearly did not. 

Cops tell TMZ … officers spoke with the man and determined it was all just a giant misunderstanding. The guy simply didn’t realize he was entering private property, despite the fact there was a large security team standing guard. 

He was not arrested — and police say he’s not in trouble at all. 

As for Rihanna … she was probably too high to realize anything happened anyway.

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Still Friends? Why Not? Draya’s Joined In On The Fun

Hey was that a Nate Dog song that said “It Ain’t No Funnnnnnn if the Homie Can’t Haveee None?” Well seems like Chris Brown been going to the school of Lil Wayne in Miami, FL where Wayne teaches em all to be friends. A happy wife means a happy life. So what about 2 happy ex’s? What does that mean? Many on twitter seemed to be taking it too personal that Draya is friend’s with her ex’s EX. She even took it a step further and sent the gift of true giflfriendism “Panties”!

Was there a Note from Lady Eloise inside that said , “Karrrrrrucccchhhheee darling! I don’t have any Panties on? from Draya? hahahah Well, these 2 have more than pretty underwear likes in common. They have doggydates!
See now we done opened another can of worms. Dog sitters or Dog Owner/Pet Lovers? Which one is it? I can see Draya and Karruche being friends. Like We Say, Why Not? Now let’s drink to that!

Rhianna Should @ Chris Brown and Not Subtweet – #RachetGirlNationalAnthem

Chris and Rhianna fired up the press, blogsites, TV, and media world with their kiss at the MTV VMAs this past Thursday. We also reported that Karrueche was not happy about that kiss but is mad as Hell! But is Rihanna striking back with more? Have you seen her tweets lately? See below

Poor Karrueche! She was just sending a subliminal towards Chris Brown via instagram. But now, Rihanna’s got a few tweets that brings up the question, “could these tweets be about Chris?”





These are tweets from Rihanna, yesterday, September 8, 2012:

‘Red lipstick. Rose petals. Heartbreak… I was his Marilyn Monroe… Brown eyes… Tuxedo… Fast cars… A James Dean on the low. What’s love without tragedy?’ Noo BooBooo Nooo BooBooo She #Rachettttt Now all we need is Rhianna to come up pregnant and Chris be the Pappy! LMAO!

Brandy Put It Down f’ Chris Brown NEW MUSIC- Produced by Bangladesh

The album we have been long awaiting is just around the corner. I believe May is the Big Month in which we can anticipate Brandy’s new release 12’eleven o’clock. Is that it? You know I’ve had about 5 Martinis after listening to the lyrics on this song. What do you think? Does Brandy have it backwards? Should you fall in love before he puts it down or if he puts it down do you fall in love or get sprung? Or is it the same thing? Well, I LOVE THE SONG!! I give it a 8 Martini Vote! Which the #8 represents completion in Martini Talk because 8 Martinis is just where I have to STOP the press because I will be completely on Full After 8.

Let me know what you think of the song. 6Foot 7, Amili, Diva producer Shondrae Crawford aka to you as Mr Bangladesh was the producer & Sean Garrett was the writer. Now which one is Batman and which one is Robin? Well I know Brandy is Wonder Woman with this hit! You did that girl! Congrats