Toya Wright and Dee Cardriche-Johnson Celebrate 1 yr Anniversary for the Garb Boutique

Toya Wright Dee Cardriche-JohnsonGarb Shoetique 1 Year Anniversary Party in Atlanta

@ColormenaeThe Garb Shoetique was filled with friends, patrons, and family and love (not to 4get to mention Voscato and GTV Vodka) as soon as you walked in the door. The Tiffany Blue Decor and beautiful Garbieees greeting you with Continue reading

Antonia “Toya” Wright and Danielle Cardriche-Johnson Open Garb Shoetique in Atlanta

beautypic-toyadannyDanielle-TOyaAntonia “Toya” Wright and Danielle Cardriche-Johnson (Proud Owners of Garb Shoetique)

Congrats to two of the prettiest business partners I have ever seen!  “Toya” Wright has done it again! She is such a business woman on the rise to building her empire. I can see if now “From Reality TV  to the Board Room”! This New Orleans native came to Atlanta and has not rest yet! Truly a mentor for her hometown teenage girls trying to figure it all out; to the biggest Mentor and She-ro for her 14year old daughter Regginae Carter.    Danielle-TOya-ribbonCuttingCeremony

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony made everything official! The toast to a prosperous future with Birdman’s new Vodka GIV,down to the Garb cupcakes and a host of friends literally sealed the icing on the deal and sales began last night!GIV-birdmanLiquor



MaryJaneMeMpHiTz-brotherMeMpHiTz Wright (Husband of Toya Wright) Producer poses with Cast Member from his new developing Reality TV Show

MsShynekaMs Shyneka was in the house!