Brad James, Tasha Smith, Oprah Winphrey #Goodtimes with Cast of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” #PressJunket

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 1.52.12 AMTyler Perry’s Cast and Network Owner “Oprah Winfrey” apparently had some great conversation or strong drinks at the press junket in Los Angeles on September 11th. Everyone seemed really happy (I think 100 episodes of anything) as an actor would make me laugh. “Brad James let us hold a lil something buddy!”  Continue reading

Love and Hip Hop Rasheeda and Kirk Frost Host Hip Hop Weekly Fashion Show with RHOA Cynthia Bailey

Rasheeda-HHWRasheeda Frost has got to be one of the prettiest Pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful and classy all the way to the end Check out the shoes. BUT Is it me or is something wrong with this title? These might be the last three names you thought you would see on a subtitle, especially stating they were all hosting an event together. Let’s see which cast members showed up and showed out on the red carpet and who was missing. Continue reading

Chaka Khan, Fantasia, Nicci Gilbert, Eva Marcielle, Tika Sumpter and Tamala Mann at the 2013 Trumpet Awards

TomJoyner-niccikekewyattxenoniaTom Joyner, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, Keke Wyatt, Chaka Khan, Xernona Clayton, Monifah, Syleena Johnson and Lacosha Scott

This year I attended the 2013 Trumpet Awards (AGAIN) but I must admit the red carpet was one of the most (AWKWARD) red carpets ever. Someone should have told me I was going to need 5 Martinis to prepare. It really helps when people whom are chosen for these duties are people whom understand the IMPORTANCE of WHY a red carpet exists. Before I get into picture posting let’s talk about the purpose of the red carpet. It’s a place (UNPAID) press go arriving early to get photos and interviews to run back and post to Magazines, Newspapers, National Publicity Photo Outlets such as Getty, Wire Images etc. When I didn’t see the media outlets listed on the ground that was the first RED FLAG. When I saw members from the local church group mic’d up and NOT announcing Very Important People who came from thousands of miles away (OH Not Announcing them because they didn’t RECOGNIZE the Talent (this was very disturbing). Rule#1 You must assign a Talent SPOTTER to announce to the PRESS whom is arriving. Continue reading

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 23,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Akon, Lisa Borders, American Kidney Foundation, Roger Bobb, Supports Devyne Stephens “All I want for Xmas Gala”

DevyneAKONDevyne Stephens and “AKON”

Demetria-Devyne-RollsRoyceDemetria Mckinney and Devyne Stephens RogerBobb-LisaBordersRoger Bobb “CEO Bobbcat FIlms” and Lisa Borders

DeeDevyneDemetria McKinney, Devyne Stephens, Kash Howard and of course “The Rolls Royce”

Akon-Drexina-DevyneAkon, Drexina Nelson (Celebrity Photographer) and Devyne Stephens

DeeDevyneKashActDemetria McKinney , Devyne Stephens and Kash Howard

RollsRoyceAtmosphereRolls Royce Atmosphere

RollsRoyceLook at this Beauty!!!2013

cheryl-croppedEr1outDevyne Stephens and Cheryl Mack

Girls-Guests-DevyneDevyne always brings out the pretty women

ChrisRuffin-IntheLabOne Stop Productions – Of course they make everything glitter look like Gold!! Christian Ruffin

roger bobb keisha devyneRoger Bobb Keisha (Insight Marketing) and Devyne Stephens

randall jorrRandall Jorr and Guest

legendaryEventsLegendary Event  “The Only Way to Go When it comes to Catering” Save Up! It’s Def Worth It!

lambGrits  Lamb chops and Grits (These grits were definitely the best I have had in my LIFE) and I’ve had a lot of grits

dave-devyneHHWDave Mays (Hip Hop Weekly) Devyne Stephens 

DevyneJoynerPhillip Devyne Stephens , Joyner Byron(Kidney Donor)  and Phillip (American Kidney Foundation)

DevyneGroupGroup Photo

parasGbrotherParas Griffin and his Brother (I forgot to ask if he were single)

Stevie Wonder Attends and Performs at Frank Ski’s Kid’s Foundation 10th Annual Wine Tasting


Frank Ski’s Kid’s Foundation Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser Event is one of the biggest reasons you love living in Atlanta in the month of December. Where else can you go and enjoy great wine, food from Carraba’s, be in the association with amazing people in Atlanta, have 4 hours of invigorating conversation, get to bid on amazing items that you would NEVER get a chance to SAVE $$ or to purchase (for a great cause) and have KARAOKE with the Legendary Stevie Wonder? Where else is that going to happen?

Stevie-COlorCoded-Main Pic

If you didn’t get a chance to pay at least the minimum contribution of $250 to attend the Fundraiser then “SHAME ON YOU” because this is what you missed. I promise you are going to kick yourself by the end of this post.



A Very Dapper “Jeezy” and Kevin Lyles

StevieWonder-HarmonicaFrank Ski is about to present Stevie Wonder with the Harmonica that auctioned off for $11,000

KevinLyles-FrankSkiFrank Ski and Kevin Lyles when Kevin thought he would win the auction at $7000 (sorry ;-( Cami Cakes was not going down without a fight!


ReggieR-BrotherReggie Rouse and his brother (on the left) and brother’s lovely wife in the Middle (Who Knew?)

FrankSki-RadioStationVery Nice Frank...Very Nice Photo

FrankSki-CakeI am Loving This Cake! and the Logo!

PorshaCordellPorshe (Porcia and Cordell Stewart) Real HouseWives of Atlanta Couple

BarSaavyConjureBar Saavy Bartenders/Business Owners  Holding Down the Conjure Bar. Tough Competition With All The Great Wines in the House

BorisTanya-KevinNow this is a good looking group of people (Boris Kodjoe) holding down the Group and the Fashions (Is that suit and shirt from your clothing line Boris? I’m still waiting to be a Sales Rep!!!

RogerBobb-FrankSkiRoger Bobb holding it down…He also Auctioned off a walk on Role for the Rickey Smiley Show. I believe the bid exceeded $6000. What happened to the Love Jones 2 Role? See I was going to bid!!

KasimReed-WineTastingA party ain’t a party nor a fundraiser a fundraiser without the honorable Mayor Kasim Reed 

StevieWonder-HiFive?-Is it me or does it look like someone went to give Stevie Wonder a High Five ? Hmmm

JeezyReggieRouseThere’s something about Jeezy that’s so Serious like he’s always making a Business Move

Stevie-WIneCellarStevie Wonder and Kevin Lyles in the Wine Cellar (Now that’s got to be the Best Seat in the House)

DemiMcKinney-FrankSkiDemetria McKinney looks Great! #ModelMaterial

DerekJ-DMcKinneyDerek J and a Very Sexy Demetria McKinney (Nice Pumps)..Not you Derek cause we can’t see them!

stevie-ninaBStevie Wonder at Frank Ski’s…WOW! First Barack Obama goes to Roscoe’s Chick’n Waffles now this (Gotta love the U.S.A

ReggieRouse-MaliHunterGM of Tree Sound Studios “Mali Hunter” and Reggie Rouse VP Urban Programming for CBS radio/Program Director WVEE-V103/ v103-WAOK

Frank Ski Jeezy BorisFrank Ski, Jeezy and Boris Kodjoe 

camiCakes-Cami Cake Cupcakes

T'MelArtistRecording Artist… Yes this photo is from the Wine Tasting for real.

ProofKMel-ReggieMayorProof… Mayor Kasim Reed with Reggie Rouse pose with Artist K’Mel? I think

carabbasFoodCarraba’s Staff and Wonderful Food



– This is the wonderful lady that’s responsible for the layout for Sister to Sister Magazine. She is also a Graphic Artist and Artist. Let me know if you need any services. Request them through the site. Graphic services. (No magazine entry requests please)

Frank Ski Loves The Kids. Hope you Enjoyed the Pics










Bad A$$ Bobby Bobby Brown Performs in Las Vegas Soul Train Awards Show and Centric Concert With New Edition

Bobby Brown Killed IT! Still Got it! Voice Better than ever! New Family Man Image is Definitely Working for him. Somebody is really taking care of home (Wink Wink Alicia 😉 Bobby Brown had a busy week in Las Vegas preparing for the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards and the New Edition Concert all Centric Sponsored this weekend in Las Vegas. Even though Bobby has been spending a lot of time working and touring, he seems to have a new entourage “His Family”. Bobby has been seen on every tour appearance with his wife Alicia, son Cassious, and this time his brother Tommy was on the trip as well as one of his daughters was spotted. Seems Bad A$$ Bobby is really calming down and turning into a family man. Good Deal Bobby! We are proud of you staying under the radar. Check out lil Cassious hitting the stage with his dad Bobby in Las Vegas.

Cassious is never too shy to hop on the mic and SING like he has never Sang before!

Bobby is looking younger and better than ever.

Bobby poses with Sunseeker Media Producers “Gievea Stinchomb” and “Kristen”

Brown’s brother Tommy was certainly not far from brother Bobby on the trip (Is he the reason Bobby’s been low on the radar? Keep up the good work Tommy.

Bobby was seen doing an interview with one of his daughters. The interview was great! Both had lots to talk about.

Bobby Brown hits the carpet at the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas


Demetria McKinney Wears L’ACIREMA 100% Brazilian Remy Hair and She Looks HOT!

What happened when Demetria McKinney and her Choreographer were introduced to L’ACIREMA hair? What did she have to say? Well, check out her true thoughts and see what led her her photo shoot in L’ACIREMA HAIR.

Demetria McKinney “Images by Kennedy”


Demetria McKinney, David and Tamela Mann, RL, Luke James, Ray Lavendar, Mindless Behavior at #FSO2012 V103 in Atlanta and David Mann- All SOLD OUT of her new CD

RL and Ray Lavendar (Such handsome black men) I Love It!

Tameka Newhouse Peddling Selling Her Books (She’s actually a really good Author) Check out some of her books.

Andre Braxton Selling His New Book (Well GOod For You Andre) But I’m a Little Puzzled If Towanda Bothered to Read his book. Hmmmmm I’m just a little confused.
Huhhhh??? Towanda??? I Can’t …(Speechless)





Alexis Jones, Ray Lavendar, Arin Jones (Elysian Fieldz)













In Case You are Wondering Who is Alexis and Arin Jones AKA (Elysian Fieldz) Check this Out! Amazing Voices!!!

Mindless Behavior
AVANT! Hey Ladiessssss!!!














Background Singers for Demetria McKinney ( My Don’t they love great!)
New Artist Alert (What’s her name again?)















Derek James