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Green Screen Cyc Walls and Black(ground)

Full Media Production Studio Designed to Meet all Your Production Needs

Quicktime Cinema Studios comes highly recommended, and they are also widely used by individuals who want the highest quality yet affordable coved wall studio. Whether you have 100 square feet of studio space or 10,000 square feet, Quicktime Cinema’s GOAL is a customized production plan to meet your needs. Continue reading

Bad A$$ Bobby Bobby Brown Performs in Las Vegas Soul Train Awards Show and Centric Concert With New Edition

Bobby Brown Killed IT! Still Got it! Voice Better than ever! New Family Man Image is Definitely Working for him. Somebody is really taking care of home (Wink Wink Alicia 😉 Bobby Brown had a busy week in Las Vegas preparing for the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards and the New Edition Concert all Centric Sponsored this weekend in Las Vegas. Even though Bobby has been spending a lot of time working and touring, he seems to have a new entourage “His Family”. Bobby has been seen on every tour appearance with his wife Alicia, son Cassious, and this time his brother Tommy was on the trip as well as one of his daughters was spotted. Seems Bad A$$ Bobby is really calming down and turning into a family man. Good Deal Bobby! We are proud of you staying under the radar. Check out lil Cassious hitting the stage with his dad Bobby in Las Vegas.

Cassious is never too shy to hop on the mic and SING like he has never Sang before!

Bobby is looking younger and better than ever.

Bobby poses with Sunseeker Media Producers “Gievea Stinchomb” and “Kristen”

Brown’s brother Tommy was certainly not far from brother Bobby on the trip (Is he the reason Bobby’s been low on the radar? Keep up the good work Tommy.

Bobby was seen doing an interview with one of his daughters. The interview was great! Both had lots to talk about.

Bobby Brown hits the carpet at the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas


Dwight Phillips Covers the 1 Yr Anniversary Soiree of Gocha Salon at the Tags Boutique

Dwight Phillips 4x Olympic Gold Medalist Covers the Pink Carpet Event. Yes you read correctly. Dwight Phillips CEO of Quick Time Cinema is not just a gold winning Hall of Fame Athlete on the field but he gets the Gold Star for establishing a film and TV media production company titled “Quick Time Cinema” formerly Rebel Star . He has been working on several music video, short film and commercial projects. The studio handles cover shoots, photo shoots, electronic press kits (EPK) and have been involved in a couple of TV One and Peachtree TV Projects. Dwight Phillips and his athletic colleague “Hazel” are attacking Red Carpets and Taking Over the scene.  Quick TIme Cinema is a full service media production company ‘Fully equipped with enough production and camera equipment to service full length movie and tv projects.” The studio is located at 500 Bishop Suite Ell2 , Atlanta, GA. In the heart of Atlantic Station near mid town. A much closer ride than Studio Plex atlanta. Quick Time has a Green Screen, Drive in Car, Black Wall and White Angle Walls to accomodate any production project.

For your next movie project please contact Jonell Media PR 404 552-9661. Check out some of the independent artist projects for established and non established artists. The proof is in the work.

Check out the work put into the artist “BRAVE” formerly of Rich Girl. Part of the project was shot in Baltimore. Dwight Phillips Executive produced the project with his NOW FORMER business partner .
It was merely 6 months ago that Obama fueled the 2012 campaign conversation when he announced his support of same-sex marriage. Artists all over have been expressing their views however one Brave MC happens to stand out among them all. Brave, a rapper and singer (formally of Richgirl), makes it clear that not only are we all in this together but all of us are equal and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity.

Already being referenced as a “game changer,” Brave holds the very same sentiment as the President and so many others – that equal rights are owed to all. Releasing her first single and video, “Break Me Down,” Brave touches on issues and struggles that we’ve all experienced or witnessed. She sets the bar and raises awareness of equality for all. The single is a powerful and passionate message to viewers. It emphasizes to not let ignorance or the lack of understanding of others limit the good and greatness that exists in everyone.

In the span of 1 year from Brave’s split from her group Richgirl, loss of both her father and manager, Brave has returned to the music scene and is ready to make her mark. Pairing deep and encrypted concepts with heartfelt delivery, “Break Me Down,” drips love and pain, truth and growth, proving that this female MC is building her own empire from the grass roots up. Be on the lookout for her upcoming EP, A Brave New World.

“A dream starts and stops in the mind – when you cease to dream you’ve ceased to live. Never let anything break you down.”

Brave’s Social Media Properties
Twitter – @BmoreBrave
Hashtag- #BE2BME (Brave Enough 2 Be Me)
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bravenewworld12
My Space- http://www.myspace.com/christinawilliamsmusic