Another Martini Moment With Shay Johnson at Social Cravings- Bob Tests His French Accent and Discusses (Regenjification)- Terry Shropshire Attends the Black Enterprise Conference and Guess What?

anotherMM-ShayBob Whitfield and Kristen conducted interviews at Social Cravings and admitted that Shay Johnson (unlike most reality TV people) when they have an Terry-BangDonVitoopportunity to spill the beans they do. However, Shay didn’t! She encouraged them to Watch the Show and find out for themselves what happens. What do Jonell-laughsyou think about this picture of Bob Whitfield and Shay Johnson (now that Scrappy is going to rehab Bob should be in the clear of getting dem paws put on him). Now if you listen to the interview you will be able to disprove what Bob Whitfield was saying in the interview. Hmmmmmm Bob tries out his new bob-kristen-jonellPRfrench accent he picked up on netflix. The drink of the week was Tres Generaciones Tequila with orange juice.

shayjohnson-bobwhitfieldShay looks really cute! To her right (her left really) is her stylist Kristen.

Concert for Peace at the UN- Stevie Wonder, the Wonder Girls, Freddy Jackson, Sting, Dougie Fresh and More….

Stevie Wonder-WorldPeaceDaySeveral Martinis lined up at the Bar were in order when I found out someone down at the U.N. signed off on the request to #Urbanize World Peace Day at the United Nations Building. See where Reality TV has gotten us? First the Fat Boys Break up..Now Stevie Wonder recruits “The Wonder Girls”
United Nations Day Concert - Show Stevie Wonder and the Wonder Girls!

WOW! I guess the Power of Music is just that “Very Powerful”. Only a man with the Charisma of Stevie Wonder could have pulled off having his Bday Party along with his celebrity friends Wyclef Jean, Dougie Fresh, Stevie-paxtonBaker

Dougie Fresh and Stevie Wonder

DougieFresh-stevieElle Varner, Estelle, Janelle Monae and Freddy Jackson. I mean, would you say no to Stevie Wonder? #IJS – Click to see more pics  Continue reading