Toya Wright and Dee Cardriche-Johnson Celebrate 1 yr Anniversary for the Garb Boutique

Toya Wright Dee Cardriche-JohnsonGarb Shoetique 1 Year Anniversary Party in Atlanta

@ColormenaeThe Garb Shoetique was filled with friends, patrons, and family and love (not to 4get to mention Voscato and GTV Vodka) as soon as you walked in the door. The Tiffany Blue Decor and beautiful Garbieees greeting you with Continue reading

“I Know Johnathan Martin – He Says He Wants to Play Football” – Bob Whitfield

Martin-Whitfield“Let’s Get Back to Playing Football”– Bob Whitfield

Bergerson and Crenshaw also had 3 questions in which he inquired Whitfield’s NFL football veteran unique and Stanford scholar opinion.

1. Do you believe he has a burning desire to play football again?

2. How do you think he is perceived by other players around the league and organizations around the league to be given the opportunity to play again and have a great career future in the NFL?

3. Do you think he will be given the opportunity to play again?

Check out the audio to find the answers.

JohnathanMartinFootballWhitfield: “What Makes You a Better Football Player is Being a Better Football Player”

Bob Whitfield advised them he actually had dialogue with Johnathan Martin over the past few weeks and his only question was, “DO YOU WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL?” That’s the important issue right now because everyone has seemed to loose focus. The Team can’t go too far to where you can’t play football. It goes too far when it gets to the point that you can’t play football anymore. The Top Subject seems to be “Football” but somewhere “Football has been lost”, “Now you have a a case where two football player team members are not playing one whom has been suspended and the other who is getting help. Even though Martin was a rookie, he was a rookie who was a starting player. Not one that was sitting on the bench. Johnathan Martin  played 16 games as a starter  last year and has started in every game this year) with the Miami Dolphins.

Check out what Terry Shropshire, Jonell E.R. and WhatUpBob aka Bob Whitfield the  “Official Event Reporters” had to discuss regarding Bullying in the NFL on

Towanda Braxton Fabulous and 40 School Daze Themed Birthday Extravaganza

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 9.51.30 PMTowanda Braxton turns 40 and she certainly turns up and #TurnsOUT. Turn down for what? 40 is just the beginning of true womanhood. To celebrate Towanda Braxton and Chef Ashley Inc.’s Event Planning Company put together a #School Daze theme which from the looks of things you can tell this was a happy Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 1.41.48 AMperiod in Towanda’s life. An Around the Way Girl for real! Nobody can describe the event in its entirety like friend of the site

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 9.43.58 PMAnd in comes the woman of the hour. We present “Towanda Braxton” 

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WNBA Players Alex Bentley and Jasmine Thomas Invite You Sept 8 (3pm) #NationalAnthem #Celebrities #HalfTimeShow


WNBA- Players and Penn State Graduate Alex Bentley and Duke University graduate Jasmine Thomas invite everyone to purchase their game tickets for Sunday September 8th’s Spirit Day at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Game time 3:00 PM

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Essence Atkins – Really? Tyler Perry Should Add You to His Casting Department -NOT! – Have Several Seats Please!

tyler-perry-kim-kardashianEssence Atkins seems to be doing the wrong thing in Hollywood or maybe she’s gotten bitten by the Marketing or Movie Director’s Bug. Seems she is now the authority on what works and what doesn’t work in Box Office Films. Must have been all those Box Office Hits of her Own that she starred in. It’s really not smart to piss off Tyler Perry Fans seeing as you are out promoting a Home DVD movie and most of Tyler Perry’s fans support the DVD world. After his “Failed Casting Tricks Don’t Work– according to Essence Atkins quotes to Sister to Sister Magazine ” seems then Tyler Perry goes on to make millions of dollars in DVD sales through his distribution with Wallmart Continue reading

Bobby Brown Ordered to Spend 55 days in Jail! #JesusTakeTheWheel

Bobby BrownReally Bobby?? You have GOT to be kidding me! Where was his handler and personal assistant who keeps him out of trouble?See how valuable handlers are??? They keep you out of trouble. How in the Heezy does someone who has a blow in breathalyzer attached to the steering wheel get in the car and attempt to drive. WHO was in the car with him??? Who would let him drive under those circumstances? Clearly he must have been driving someone else’s vehicle. Now who was crazy enough to let the “Every Little Step” singer behind the wheel under the influence. I thought we went this route before and we were going to set a better example for Bobbi Kristina? Well now we know who ain’t. This could mean

him facing prison time because Los Angeles City Attorney Spokesperson Frank Mateljan tells E! News that the singer was sentenced to 55 days in jail after pleading no contest today to driving under the influence and to driving on a suspended license (the license is suspended due to a prior conviction for driving under the influence.)

But that’s not all.

According to our friends at E News. “Bobby Brown pleads not guilty to latest round of DUI charges

In addition to his jail time, Brown was placed on 48 months of summary probation, ordered to pay a $500 fine plus penalty assessment, complete the an 18-month alcohol program and comply with standard DUI conditions for his first charge.

On the second count, the he was placed on 36 months of summary probation, ordered to pay a $300 fine plus penalty assessment, install an ignition interlock device—an alcohol Breathalyzer that prohibits the driver from starting the car if they blow above the limit.

Brown, who was not present in court today but represented by his attorney Tiffany Feder, will report to jail on March 20.  As a condition of his surrender terms, he is to attend three A.A. classes a week.  ”

September 21st at the Tom Joyner Family ReUnion Bobby prided himself on being off alcohol for 21days. how many days was it really? Bobbbbbbbby! Do Better Mannnnnnnn!!!


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 23,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Own Your Grown- Men Over 40 “James Hannah Said It Best” You Are 40- Accept It “Grown Man Up”

There are a few things on “truthpaste” you shouldn’t be doing once you turn 40. You shouldn’t be a New Babydaddy, You shouldn’t be impressed with New Rims, You shouldn’t be at the Club looking for new girlfriends. You shouldn’t believe your 23 yr old girlfriend isn’t cheating on you with a 26 yr old man. If you want to catch some other things James Hannah thinks you shouldn’t be doing then follow him on facebook

Commissioner George Dusenbury Joins Ludacris at Thomasville Recreation Center to Celebrate “LUDACRISMAS”

Ludacris-CommisonerChris “Ludacris” Bridges and Commissioner George Dusenbery. First Jeezy is hanging out with the Mayor or Atlanta and now Ludacris and the Commissioner. I love the way our Atlanta rappers are stepping up their game and turning into businessmen, endorsing brands and staying “Politically Correct”.  The kids of Thomasville Recreation Center should have been some very happy campers! They received one Coat and One Toy on LUDACRISMAS DAY!  There were arts and crafts and Santa and candy! A LOT going on! Check out the pics of the kiddies with “LUDA!” Click the link

Ludacris-kids-luv Continue reading

Gocha and the Salon Staff Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary at Kandi Buruss Tags II Boutique #BreastCancerAwareness Fashion Show

Gocha Hawkins, Owner/Stylist at the Gocha Salon celebrates her one year anniversary at Tags Boutique by inviting friends, clients, and supporters out for a #Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show featuring models that were styled by Gocha and makeup by Gocha Salon Staff, complimentary cocktails poured by BAR SAAVY, great tasty treats provided by Chef Clarence, Cupcakes by #Cupcake Wars Winner Lorree Jacobs, and great music by the sounds of DJ Diamond Cut. Gocha was certainly living up to her name by looking very stylish! The event was well attended (just enough folks to not run out of food or drink or affect the a/c) My kind of event!!!

Gocha Owner/Stylist

Princess Diamond Cuts (Anami Jordan R & B Singer)

Nikki Nicole Co-Host and Kash Howard – Host of the Fashion Show and Event



Gocha Model

Rodney Perry (Actor/Comedian)

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