Tamar Braxton Raises the ROOF Off the Bldg at the Wendy Show Dec 11th “History in the Making”

Tamar Braxton-wendyshowYes Gawd!!!! Hunty – in my Funkydineva voice! Tamar DID THAT! She better Sang that song and Never has several seats in the stadium when its time to perform the national anthem! We didn’t even need any Martini’s to get through Tamar’s performance! Her voice was so breathtaking that we actually forgot to go to the bar! Kudos to anyone who can take our minds off alcohol.


Brandy Put It Down f’ Chris Brown NEW MUSIC- Produced by Bangladesh

The album we have been long awaiting is just around the corner. I believe May is the Big Month in which we can anticipate Brandy’s new release 12’eleven o’clock. Is that it? You know I’ve had about 5 Martinis after listening to the lyrics on this song. What do you think? Does Brandy have it backwards? Should you fall in love before he puts it down or if he puts it down do you fall in love or get sprung? Or is it the same thing? Well, I LOVE THE SONG!! I give it a 8 Martini Vote! Which the #8 represents completion in Martini Talk because 8 Martinis is just where I have to STOP the press because I will be completely on Full After 8.

Let me know what you think of the song. 6Foot 7, Amili, Diva producer Shondrae Crawford aka to you as Mr Bangladesh was the producer & Sean Garrett was the writer. Now which one is Batman and which one is Robin? Well I know Brandy is Wonder Woman with this hit! You did that girl! Congrats