Kevin Hart Special Celebrity Judge at Center Stage “Stand Up It’s Miller Time” Competition – Video

Joe Clair, Wanda Smith, Kevin Hart

Devyne Stephens

Ryan Cameron

Only at the BET Awards 2012 Will Kevin Hart Beat Out Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle for Best Actor? Can Somebody Pass Me a Drink?

Ok I need the BET awards voting committee to have several seats when they feel the need to give a comic/actor an award for BEST actor over thesbian actors. WOW! First Reality TV Stars are making more money than actors and getting more gigs and now this. Wait! If that don’t beat all then Beyonce wins the award for BEST Video Director of the YEAR over Benny Boom and Hype Williams? Haven’t these guys done several music videos over several decades of years? This is kind of like the DJ’s getting mad that the celebrities (Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri, Idris Elba) started to DJ and take all the DJ Jobs…

Ok this was about as unfair as 3 new actors going to audition for a role of a crazy person and then Bokeem Woodbine showing up to audition after the part had got casted. Oh you already know somebody about to get fired. I know these award shows are turning into popularity contests but I am just saying. Some of these celebrities live for these award shows. Now is it fair? Couldn’t they have just added a category like Best New comedianne turned actor to star in a high box office receipt grossing movie? Or Best R & B artist to Direct a music Video and do a heck of a job? I’m just saying? And now let’s skip over to Mindless Behavior even though I LOVE THE KIDS…you know what? I’m going to let little Mindless Behavior savor the moment. As for the rest of this… No Freaking Comment!

WOW!!!! I definitely need a drink!

Think Like a Man #1 at the Box Office Mojo- The Numbers are In!


Think Like a Man opened to an estimated $33 million from just 2,015 theaters. The movie’s $16,377 per-theater average is third-highest for a nationwide release so far this year behind The Hunger Games ($36,871) and The Lorax ($18,830) and significantly above huge hits like The Vow, Safe House and 21 Jump Street. Its opening was also better than nearly all comparable titles, including all Tyler Perry movies except Madea Goes to Jail ($41 million). Finally, it topped 2009’s Obsessed ($28.6 million) to become Screen Gems’ highest opener ever targeting African-American audiences (overall, it’s their second-best opening ever behind The Vow).

In hindsight, the initial success of Think Like a Man shouldn’t be all that surprising. The marketing suggested that the movie had successfully developed an entertaining story built around Steve Harvey’s popular self-help book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which made it an enticing option for the millions of people who have already read the book (Lionsgate, the distributor of next month’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting, is probably watching this movie’s performance very closely). Since the book is clearly geared towards women, the movie’s audience wound up overwhelmingly female (63 percent) and also skewed much older (62 percent over 30 years of age). Coming out of Friday’s screenings, the movie had an “A” CinemaScore, which went up to an “A+” among men and those under the age of 25.  

So far, Sony is having a pretty great year. The studio has released four number one movies, which is more than any other studio (Universal has three). Its Screen Gems label accounts for three of these, including Think Like a Man,