Stevie J Life-Partner Dual Proposal #EpicFail #LHHA #WhenKeepingItRealGoesWrong

StevieJ-joseline-LAStEpWhat in the heck was happening on love and hip hop tonight? Stevie J thought that offering Joseline Hernandez a ring and Life Partner Pass 

deal sealer arrangement and then turning around and presenting Mimi Faust (The New Life Coach) a ring as well was a good idea becauseeee?? Well, I am just curious as to who is on Stevie J’s consulting team? Where does he come up with these hair Brain ideas? These are grown people making these type of juvenile random decisions and presenting them on national television. This episode almost made

Joseline expresses how excited she is that Stevie J took her out of the strip club after 10yrs of dancing to show her a better life! She thanks God and Stevie J.

Joseline expresses how excited she is that Stevie J took her out of the strip club after 10yrs of dancing to show her a better life! She thanks God and Stevie J.

the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta series turn into the joke of the year. Truly the editing department could have borrowed the editors from Nicci Gilbert’s R & B Divas show to at least contrive to make this a “As the World Turns” ABC Lifetime Movie TV Drama Soap Opera ending. Oops I guess it did.

IMG_2687How many are you are not surprised at Stevie J’s choice of reason or rationale? How many of you wish that the security would have let Joseline have at Stevie J in that elevator alone and let them go down together? I promise you it would have definitely been an Ike and Tina situation with Tina coming out on top . Is Stevie J and Joseline the modern day Ike and Tina with a twist? How many people think Mimi won? And who thinks that Mimi shouldn’t have entertained Stevie J with showing up?

All is really unfair and retarded in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I definitely have to rate this ending as a D-

Did Stevie J “Don King” Joseline With the Contract? No Wonder Joseline Waiting To Be On Pay Per View #Epicfail

Looks like Stevie J has got Joseline by the balls (so to speak) Joseline admits signing Stevie J’s contract without even reading it. We all know that Hitman Stevie J came from the era of Bad Boys Club. He was taught by the best and rolls with the pros. No wonder Stevie J let’s Joseline act a damn fool all the time. At the end of the day Mimi Faust may be Molly Maid but Joseline Hernandez is the Cash Cow! Continue reading

VH1 Reality TV Stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J “WIll She Break Up With Stevie J again Tonight? 8pm – Let’s Find OUT

molly-themaid (3)On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” episode 2, Joseline finally admits to being fed up with Stevie J, tired of all the drama with Mimi, and is ready to make a decision that could have serious repercussions for the entire second season of the popular series. Who will book Joseline’s alleged performances with no Stevie J in tow

StevieJ-JoselineWho’s gonna get her to the photoshoots and book the work? Joseline has decided to quit her relationship with Stevie J.But with this being “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” it’s a safe bet to say that this decision by Joseline may not last that long.So how did it come to this point?

Joseline-performingOn the premiere episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” last week, Stevie J first confronted Joseline for acting inappropriately in front of his and Mimi’s young daughter, Eva.“She doesn’t belong around a child. Period,” Mimi told Stevie J, in reference to their daughter.

VH1 LHH- Reality Star K Michelle Tells Bossip Blogger that He Is Representing A Brand That Destroys People

KMichelle-bossipMimi Faust started off the answer to a Bossip Blogger’s question about being a Role Model and K. Michelle quickly comes to the rescue by cutting him off saying “You don’t get blessed by blogging about other peoples PAIN and HURT”, Continue reading

Joe Budden in Atlanta, Red Carpet Fails, and Master P Hits DOA

JoeBuddenKevin- Aurum (Nightclub) Owner and Joe Budden

AdienneMimi-ROArianna and Mimi Faust “Love and Hip Hop ”


Red Carpet Fails 



Tissue under the shoe and see through top (w/bad breasts?) really? Which is worse? Saggy no nursing breasts or tissue under the shoe?

JoeBudden-walkingpastcarpetJoe Budden arriving after 1am and totally walking past the photographers that were there waiting on him since 10:30 – SINCE the ROlling Out Joe Budden Magazine Party started at 10pm-midnight… Way to go Joe….

textMessge-joeMaybe Joe needed to hurry to VIP to check his text mssgs. Nice pose for the photographers 

zeldaZelda , Stacy Jai, and Ms Jamie Brown 

jamie Brown-stueyrock

Stuey Rock and Jamie Brown StueyROck-blgd

Stuey Rock is in the buildingggggg

partysceneParty Scene




LATER THAT NIGHT – Master P needed Police Escort to rush him and 25+ member possee to DOA …WOW!


Nene Leakes Throws a Huge Xmas Shindig For Her Celebrity Friends

NeNe Leakes-KenyaMoore2012 XMAS Party 12 - CME 3000Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes are “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”

MsLawrence-NeneleakesMs Lawrence and her Ferocious Boots “PETA would NOT Approve Ms Lawrence”

MimiFaust-neneleakesMimi Faust “Looks Very Elegant” Love the Look Chica!

NeNe Leakes 2012 XMAS Party 8 - CME 3000Love the Ladies “And Carlos”

NeNe Leakes -carlosProducer Love and Hip Hop “Carlos King” and Glee Actress Nene Leakes , oh and RHOA of course

GregLeakesGreg is Christian #RedBootomed? Up and Dapper as Ever

Jennifer-BBW-MiMiFaustLove the bracelet Jennifer Williams

NeNe Leakes 2012 XMAS Party 6 - CME 3000Nene Leakes Fabulous

apriltameka-XMAS Party 14 - CME 3000Tameka Raymond, APRIL LOVE