Another Martini Moment w/Jonell PR The Event Reporter on Simcolfm – Bob Whitfield Talks #FixMyLife – Bangladesh Speaks on The LA Fakers & Dwight Coward with Kobe Bryant (Coach Kobe) Injured was filled with laughter yesterday as there were several HOT TOPICS up for discussion. The most interesting discussions overall was our HOT TOPIC CO-HOST himself Bob Whitfield as he was gearing up for the loads of tweets , text messages, facebook posts, etc that were soon to come when his episode of #FixMyLife with Iyana Vanzant starring himself and Sheree Whitfield airred the same saturday night at 10pm on the OWN Network. Very interesting talk.

Bangladesh-smilesOur newest Cast Member “Mr Bangladesh”Super Producer- brings Sports Talk to the table and gets to express his views with Bob Whitfield and Cast Member Terry Shropshire “Editor At Large” with . Why don’t you really tell us how you feel about the LA Fakers , Kobe Bryant and Dwight “Coward”. Continue reading

Fab 5 Freddy Curates You Tube – Talks “Exit Through The Gift Shop” – Check it OUT

“Anywhere I thought my name needed to be I put it there.”

“No more spray-paint this time around. I’m using Rocks on Canvas Baby”, Fab 5 Freddy 2010

We Love it!!! Even though this video is 2 years old, I ran across it and wanted to share it. Just like my Daddy Fab 5 Freddy makes everything he speaks about or is involved in so relevant. He’s the only true renaissance man that I know who’s aging backwards like Benjamin Button.

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*About Fab 5 Freddy

Pioneering Hip-Hop personality Fab 5 Freddy is currently a featured artist in MOCA’s “Art in The Streets.” A long-time graffiti artist, the founding host of “Yo! MTV Raps” has his first solo exhibit on display at Gallery 151 in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside.

The pieces are a fusion of graffiti and Warhol-influenced painting that embody Fab 5 Freddy’s various experiences.
“I’m remixing forms and shapes from my past and kind of turning it into something new,” he toldWPIX in New York. For more info visit.