Lil Wayne Says “$#* the Miami Heat, D. Wade, Lebron and Claims He “$#@! Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne” Wow

Lil Wayne Disses The NBAHopefully Adrienne already had that “true confessions talk with Chris Bosh” before Lil Wayne Temper tamtrum. Everybody knows lil Wayne is one of the biggest basketball fans there is. How dare the Miami Heat suggest he be banned from all NBA Games. You know those NBA Players are some powerful players when it comes to dominance ESPECIALLY in the City of Angels and the Land of Lala aka Los Angeles. I don’t know about this one Wayne. In the words of Lauryn Hill “You may have won some but you really lost this one”. Don’t think we will be seeing Lil Wayne on the sidelines anytime soon. Sorry lil Buddy!

Lil Wayne went OFF on the Miami Heat last night at All-Star Weekend — claiming he’s been banned from all NBA events because of his beef with the team … and the coup de grace … Wayne said he banged Chris Bosh’s wife.

Wayne took the stage for an All-Star weekend event in Houston last night, when he told the crowd, “The NBA banned me from all NBA events … because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”

You’ll recall … Wayne’s been pissed at Miami ever since he says he got the boot during a Heat game last week. Wayne said he got kicked out for rooting for the Lakers … but there were reports Wayne got into trouble for making a gun gesture at another fan.

Either way, Wayne’s obviously still pissed … because last night he continued to vent, telling the crowd, “When I say f**k, you say NBA! When I say f**k, you say Miami Heat!”

He added, “F**k LeBron. F**k She Wade. F**k Chris Bosh. F**k all y’all.”

And if that wasn’t enough … Weezy said, “I f**ked Chris Bosh wife.”

We called Bosh’s rep and the Miami Heat for comment — so far, no word back from either camp.

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Lamar Odom May Never Play Basketball Again! Wow! #Thanks Khloe!!!

Lamar Odom continues to make headline news. Why couldn’t he just finish out the season? Did he ask Ms Cleo about the future of the Mavericks and try to get an early leave just to say he wasn’t responsible for them loosing in the playoffs? Hmmmmm #Speculation. But speaking of speculation our story has nothing on the ones our friends over at mtv quotes check out what they had to say. Now I’m not sure if the story is coming from mtvquotes or hip hop (something or other)

An NBA source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Lamar will have a hard time being traded to another team because of his age, horrible stats and his role on reality TV!

It looks like Lamar Odom has potentially screwed up the rest of his career — and it seems Khloe Kardashian is partially to blame! Earlier today, it was announced that Lamar, 32, will no longer be playing for the Dallas Mavericks. While Lamar’s age and horrible play this past season drastically decreased his value, an NBA source says that the Dallas Mavericks will have a difficult time trading him because of his emotional stability. “Many teams that would have been interested in him previously have now expressed that he will not be a part of their off-season plans,” reveals a source close to the NBA.

“Losing Lamar may be the best thing for the team,” says another source. “Dallas will do much better in the playoffs if they don’t have to deal with the ‘headache’ of Lamar Odom. They are sick of answering the Lamar question and want to focus on repeating as World Champions!”

Lamar’s departure from the Mavericks will be immediate, however he will remain listed as “inactive” for the rest of the season instead of being released outright. Doing so leaves the possibility that the Mavericks could still trade him after the season in conjunction with the draft. Any team that has Lamar on its roster as of June 29 must buy him out of his contract for $2.4 million or otherwise accept responsibility for the full $8.2 million that Lamar is scheduled to earn in the 2012-13 season.

While details of his payday still remain unclear, one thing is for certain: Lamar will not be at Staples Center on April 15th when the Dallas Mavericks face the LA Lakers.

Though Lamar is understandably upset about the news, a source close to Mavericks’ owner, Marc Cuban, says, “He is disappointed, but knows it’s the kind of thing that goes with the job.”

Do you think that Khloe had anything to do with Lamar leaving the Mavericks?