Peter Gunz Selling Out For Reality T.V? Scumbag? Or Just Plain Mean and Heartless?

rsz_petergYou know what’s crazy? The only reason I was upset because of Peter Gunz actions was because of the possibility that his girlfriend Tara had no head’s up that this situation would slap her in the face on Reality TV to reveal the fool she had been on National television for all her family and friends to see. Lots of women live secret relationships SOLO of course, (so secret the men have no clue the relationships even exist) Which take you back to my article entitled (3 Steps to Recognizing Delusional behavior) Continue reading

Fights Fights and More Fights And Arguments on Season 6 #RHOA – Now Twirl!

RHOA The Real Housewives of Atlanta should probably include #WWF on their title or maybe add the “Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeeeeee” to their intro song. From the looks of the Trailer and the media headlines while the cast have been filming, it looks like there will be fights, fights and more fights. Wait! It said BarONE was in foreclosure??? WTH! Continue reading

Kenya Moore – Launching New Hair Line Product Vs $10 A Bundle – Was That a Read? Ms #TwirlOnThat

Kenya-Moore-Porsha-StewartWow! That Kenya Moore is definitely funny as ISH! She is actually almost as funny as the funniest man on earth “Anthony Anderson”. I live for her tweets. Check out the latest. Thanks for sharing Continue reading

Did Porsha D Stewart Cheat on Kordell While They Were Married?


porsha-stewart-bravo-lead2Oh what a tangled web we weave when first Porsha Stewart alleged practices to deceive. Hmmmm was there valid reasons that Kordell was locking Porsha out of the house because maybe she was creeping in a 2-3am out Twerking it Somewhere? Continue reading

Kordell Stewart Vs Porsha Williams – The Divorce Filing Developing Story

Oh What a Tangled Web We WEAVE! When first we practice to deceive. But who was really doing the deceiving here? Was Kordell deceiving Porsha into believing that her picture perfect life was really the life she would be privy to “Til Death Do they Part” as stated and quoted by both of them in their marriage vows OR Was Porsha sneaky and deceiving Kordell into thinking she would not continue on with the Real Housewives of Atlanta but in secret Porsha was really digging her ability to travel with girlfriends and girltalk with castmate NeNe Leakes learning more about NeNe’s interesting life as a stripper? Maybe Porsha was loving getting her own checks with her name printed on them and depositing them into her own account, and buying things with her own debit/credit card and not having to ask permission for every whereabout. I mean she was able to sneak out and seek the advice of Dr Sherry on her marriage without Kordell’s permission. Maybe this was the beginning of a new life for the newly Bravo Housewife of Atlanta 18th Housewife to get a divorce since the inception of the franchise. Maybe there can be more to Porsha than to be in the 24%centile of housewives to kick their husband to the curb. Is Porsha really Bear Rabbit who really wanted to be the carrot bush? Time will tell.
Now let’s see what our friends over at Hollywood Life has to say about the matter:

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star wanted more out of life than just being a stay at home wife. A source close to Porsha tells exclusively that when she voiced her concerns to Kordell, the ex NFL star wasn’t having it!
Porsha Stewart has big dreams and wants more out of life than being at Kordell Stewart‘s beck and call. Sources close to Porsha, 31, tells exclusively that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was “tired” of Kordell’s controlling ways.

“Porsha has dreams and ambition, but her man was just too damn controlling and wanted her home all the time, cooking and cleaning and doing chores,” a source tells exclusively.

“They don’t have any help at that house and its gigantic. He made her do all the work and I think she got tired of it all and confronted him,” the source adds.

Prior to Porsha joining the Bravo reality show, she was subservient to Kordell. In fact, she’s even said on the show how she treats her husband like a king!

Porsha Stewart Reaches Out To ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars For Advice
Now that Porsha has been hanging with her RHOA co-stars, she’s thinking about her future and has solicited the advice of the other ladies.

“She got around all those strong women on the show like NeNe [Leakes] and Phaedra [Parks] and they gave her advice on her marriage and I think she took what they told her – and got on her high horse and took that to Kordell – but clearly he wasn’t having it. Porsha is a cool girl, don’t get me wrong, but she shouldn’t have let these other rich girls get in her ear about her marriage. If she didn’t, she’d still have a man,” the source says.

Porsha Is Blindsided By Kordell’s Decision To File For Divorce
Porsha said she was completely blindsided by Kordell filing divorce papers in Atlanta on Mar. 22. On March 26, Porsha’s rep released this statement below to Us Weekly:

“Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce. Mrs. Stewart had held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith.”

RHOA – Why Were the Ladies late to Nene’s Dinner Party? Hmmmm

real-housewives-atlanta-reunion-part-1-nene-leakes-bravoOk last Sunday’s episode was great! I thought it was hilarious how NeNe was like “Oh hellll nawwww heiffers! Yall aren’t coming in the house.” WOW! I really thought she was going to let them in. Well until she started talking about she had to be up early, she had a child inside, she had to go see a man about a mule etc etc etc..

At first I was kind of siding with Nene because 3 hours was a long time. nene-leakes-blogBut then I started siding with Kandikandi-burruss-blog because Nene has been known to be late (Kandi’s Bday party) Kandi’s Bedroom Kandi party etc etc etc… But then again they were the guests of honor and that just bothers me when and only IF (press is there waiting and waiting) was Press there? Were there still party guests there? Was the party still going on ? I was confused. No one had concrete answers except to blame it on prego. You cant blame a pregnant woman (unless Phaedra wasn’t pregnant when they filmed). Yes they could have not waited on Phaedra and sent a car service for her. I’m confused. Check out the ladies explanations and see if it sounds like What had happened was to you too? Continue reading

The GreenRoom Agency Glams Up RHOA #Porsha Stewart “Behind The Scenes”

NatBrown-PorshaSteward-Alicia                                   Porsha Stewart, Nat Brown, Alicia Igless “The GreenRoom Agency”

Any reason to have another afternoon Martini, the atmosphere alone caused for 2 Martini’s to begin with….We stopped by Jay’s Photography Studio in midtown Atlanta where we found The GreenRoom Agency GLAM CREW, HAIR STYLIST, TOP NAME BRAND SHOE BOXES, DESIGNER DRESSES, CLOTHES, Wardrobe Stylists, Sushi, Pizza, A Top Photographer & his slammin STUDIO, and this LIGHT he Used! Gasp (clutches pearls). I called it the SHINING! This studio was EVERYTHING, Strobe lights, bubble machine, smoke machine, atmosphere just AMAZING! Ok, on to the photo shoot!

GreenRoom Agency Posha S                     Nat Brown oversees the hair stylist “So protective of the client” Thanks Poppa Bear Nat!

SHoes-Porsha                                             Shoes to die for! Rebecca Taylor, Jeffrey on board and even….

Monolo BlahnikYep! Monolo Blahnik (OMG! Do you Remember these from Sex In the City? Take a Closer Look

MonoB                                                  Ladies and Gentlemen I Present “Monolo Blahnik”

stylistsThese 2 ladies were truly amazing. They come to your home and match up your closet. Contact “The GreenRoom Agency for their contact info. They pulled from EVERYWHERE to make this shoot amazing

PorshaDStewrd-UrbanTanglesAlicia Igless “Urban Tangles” is part of the “GreenRoom Agency” Glam Team … She’s awesome!

PorshaStewart-alicia                                  Absolutely stunning. Do you see that eye makeup and those perfect lips?

PorshaDStewart                                                           Now this is just Pretty – Perfectly Pretty

ExclusivePhotos                                                       See the light? The “SHINING” Is what I call it!

NameBrands                 Wow! I know I know I had to just go back to the shoes for a moment. Ok Ok I am moving on

CharcoalEyes                              Is this what they call Smokey Eyes? I call them “SMOKIN EYES!” Wow! Love IT

When the REAL FINISHED PHOTOS COME OUT you will be so excited and surprised!  Porsha Stewart is one class act! Despite what you see on the show, “She Has a Heart of Gold”. Ok one sneak photo and I hope I don’t get anyone in trouble. Special thanks to the GreenRoom Agency “Nyssa Green” Owner for letting me on the set and allowing AMM to capture the best “Glam Team” and MUA Agency at work…………….

Nat-PorshaNat Brown “The Green Room Agency” and Porsha D Steward (Real Housewife of Atlanta) Wife to Cordell Stewart and Grand-daughter to Civil Rights Activist “Hoses Williams” – Founder of “Hosea Feeds the Hungry”


photos Courtesy of :The Red Carpet Slave