Toya Wright and Dee Cardriche-Johnson Celebrate 1 yr Anniversary for the Garb Boutique

Toya Wright Dee Cardriche-JohnsonGarb Shoetique 1 Year Anniversary Party in Atlanta

@ColormenaeThe Garb Shoetique was filled with friends, patrons, and family and love (not to 4get to mention Voscato and GTV Vodka) as soon as you walked in the door. The Tiffany Blue Decor and beautiful Garbieees greeting you with Continue reading

Stevie J Life-Partner Dual Proposal #EpicFail #LHHA #WhenKeepingItRealGoesWrong

StevieJ-joseline-LAStEpWhat in the heck was happening on love and hip hop tonight? Stevie J thought that offering Joseline Hernandez a ring and Life Partner Pass 

deal sealer arrangement and then turning around and presenting Mimi Faust (The New Life Coach) a ring as well was a good idea becauseeee?? Well, I am just curious as to who is on Stevie J’s consulting team? Where does he come up with these hair Brain ideas? These are grown people making these type of juvenile random decisions and presenting them on national television. This episode almost made

Joseline expresses how excited she is that Stevie J took her out of the strip club after 10yrs of dancing to show her a better life! She thanks God and Stevie J.

Joseline expresses how excited she is that Stevie J took her out of the strip club after 10yrs of dancing to show her a better life! She thanks God and Stevie J.

the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta series turn into the joke of the year. Truly the editing department could have borrowed the editors from Nicci Gilbert’s R & B Divas show to at least contrive to make this a “As the World Turns” ABC Lifetime Movie TV Drama Soap Opera ending. Oops I guess it did.

IMG_2687How many are you are not surprised at Stevie J’s choice of reason or rationale? How many of you wish that the security would have let Joseline have at Stevie J in that elevator alone and let them go down together? I promise you it would have definitely been an Ike and Tina situation with Tina coming out on top . Is Stevie J and Joseline the modern day Ike and Tina with a twist? How many people think Mimi won? And who thinks that Mimi shouldn’t have entertained Stevie J with showing up?

All is really unfair and retarded in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I definitely have to rate this ending as a D-

Another Martini Moment With Shay Johnson at Social Cravings- Bob Tests His French Accent and Discusses (Regenjification)- Terry Shropshire Attends the Black Enterprise Conference and Guess What?

anotherMM-ShayBob Whitfield and Kristen conducted interviews at Social Cravings and admitted that Shay Johnson (unlike most reality TV people) when they have an Terry-BangDonVitoopportunity to spill the beans they do. However, Shay didn’t! She encouraged them to Watch the Show and find out for themselves what happens. What do Jonell-laughsyou think about this picture of Bob Whitfield and Shay Johnson (now that Scrappy is going to rehab Bob should be in the clear of getting dem paws put on him). Now if you listen to the interview you will be able to disprove what Bob Whitfield was saying in the interview. Hmmmmmm Bob tries out his new bob-kristen-jonellPRfrench accent he picked up on netflix. The drink of the week was Tres Generaciones Tequila with orange juice.

shayjohnson-bobwhitfieldShay looks really cute! To her right (her left really) is her stylist Kristen.

Love and Hip Hop -ATL Style – Who will be the Biggest Star? Lil Scrappy? Rasheeda? or Buckee?

I am going to make sure that I get a brand new blender and a Sam’s Club supply of Margarita Salt and that big plastic tub of Margarita Mix to get ready for the new reason of Love and Hip Hop. Yall ain’t seen nothing yet. I can give you a sneak peak of what to look forward to. The trailer is out! See the pics below that the Red Carpet Slave was able to share with me.
Lil Scrappy performs at Pearl Nightclub in Atlanta. Wowwwww! The Grunge Grind Crew was in effect. So was Momma D and Buckee from Flava of Love. I was Wowwwwwing all night. Left and Right.

Momma D never misses a chance to go clubbing with her baby Lil Scrappy. Buckee hides from the camera behind Momma D. Lil Scrappy is ready for a great night!

Buckee from Flava of Love Gets BuckWild for Lil Scrappy
FreddyO is being such a bad influence on innocent Moses Robinson. Must be some big business going on
Rasheeda was throwing down on the MIC with Lil Scrappy and everyone looked impressed

Scrappy and the Crew. FreddyO in the mix again

Yall remember my homegirl Strings right? She was looking FABULOSO. Was that Circoc in the Glass?

Love and Hip Hop – Atlanta-

Ciroc Nights at Pearl Nigtclub

FreddyO was really in a lot of chicks ear that night. Hmmmmmm

Atlantic Club scene and nothing but ATL’s finest visit the establishment of Pearl. You go ladies!

Like I said nothing but the best!

Lil Scrappy Beer Belly? Maybe it was just the angle in which the pic was shot. Is it me or does that white guy look very uncomfortably out of place?

Damon? Is that Sheree Whifield’s future ex son in law? He is really working hard tryna get that ring.

Is that my girl JazzyMcB? Heyyyyyyyy Jazzy (girl he is lieing)

DJ Jay1 and Emperor Searcy were doing what they do on the wheels of steel

Again if you ever step out in the ATL you will notice regardless we step out in style and class

And the woman who knows how to put a show together and Bring the drama like no one else…. Mona Scott is to Love and Hip Hop what Shaunie O’Neal is to Basketball Wives. Believe it or not that was a compliment in a Boss Lady producer type of way.