AKON “KONFIDENCE” Foundation Annual Toy Drive at 300 Bowling Alley

akon-kidsAkon loves the kids

AKon-TOysGivewayKids love the TOYS

AkonTOyDriveKonfidence Foundation dedicated to Giving back to the Community

akon-toydriveThe Konvict Family Supports Akon

RayLavendar-daughterDaddy Ray Lavendar supports Konvict Music

Konvict-MusicAkonAudienceTons of kids wait in line to see Akon and receive their gift

KonLive-truckThis is what they brought in the Toys in,



Demetria McKinney, David and Tamela Mann, RL, Luke James, Ray Lavendar, Mindless Behavior at #FSO2012 V103 in Atlanta

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh6zXePxOB0Tamela and David Mann- All SOLD OUT of her new CD

RL and Ray Lavendar (Such handsome black men) I Love It!

Tameka Newhouse Peddling Selling Her Books (She’s actually a really good Author) Check out some of her books.

Andre Braxton Selling His New Book (Well GOod For You Andre) But I’m a Little Puzzled If Towanda Bothered to Read his book. Hmmmmm I’m just a little confused.
Huhhhh??? Towanda??? I Can’t …(Speechless)





Alexis Jones, Ray Lavendar, Arin Jones (Elysian Fieldz)













In Case You are Wondering Who is Alexis and Arin Jones AKA (Elysian Fieldz) Check this Out! Amazing Voices!!!

Mindless Behavior
AVANT! Hey Ladiessssss!!!














Background Singers for Demetria McKinney ( My Don’t they love great!)
New Artist Alert (What’s her name again?)















Derek James