3 Ways To Recognize Dilusional Disorders

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Man I miss my psychology class. I learned so much about human behavior and why people do what they do and think how they think. Especially the men! Men have this strange way of thinking and rationalizing that makes you say HUH? But the one thing I pray to God for every night is preserving the mental health of me and my family. Mental health is very prevalent and unfortunately it’s one of those things we just cannot control on our own. This is why I love Sandra Rose’s medical minutes. Especial the article about the rotten tooth and how it connects to the brain somehow. Ok back on the issue at hand. Please read more to understand the Steps 1-3. This could change your life or help a friend if they only understood the issue. Continue reading

Essence Atkins – Really? Tyler Perry Should Add You to His Casting Department -NOT! – Have Several Seats Please!

tyler-perry-kim-kardashianEssence Atkins seems to be doing the wrong thing in Hollywood or maybe she’s gotten bitten by the Marketing or Movie Director’s Bug. Seems she is now the authority on what works and what doesn’t work in Box Office Films. Must have been all those Box Office Hits of her Own that she starred in. It’s really not smart to piss off Tyler Perry Fans seeing as you are out promoting a Home DVD movie and most of Tyler Perry’s fans support the DVD world. After his “Failed Casting Tricks Don’t Work– according to Essence Atkins quotes to Sister to Sister Magazine ” seems then Tyler Perry goes on to make millions of dollars in DVD sales through his distribution with Wallmart Continue reading

Zoe Saldana Criticized for Landing the Role in Biopic of “Nina Simone” – Could This Just be the Case of “May the Best Man Win?”

If Zoe Saldana landed this role and last time I checked she was a GREAT ACTRESS!!!! It’s called acting folks!! Welcome to Hollywood! Land of the “favorites”, politics, It’s not who you know it’s who knows you. Since when did everything get based off of WHO looks like who?? There are dark and lovely models that are NOT DARK and wear wigs for the shoot. When Jamie Foxx played Ray Charles, Was he OLD? Does Will Smith look exactly like Mohammed Ali? Did Michael Jai White look exactly like “Mike Tyson” ? Really? Why are these type of conversations circulating? Somebody felt Zoe Saldana was the best woman for the part and she got it. Point Black Period. Please come up with some better actresses than Mary J Blige wanted to part. Really? Actresses??? I love Mary J but I’m just saying!!! WTH? Welcome to Hollywood Baby!!!!

And this is why there is usually NO PRESS ON SET. Thanks Media!!!