Love and Hip Hop Atlanta – Recap – Rasheeda’s Moms Helps Kirk Patch His Relationship – Up In Flames

RidinBikes-1373304738Scrappy faces up to his problems, Drew sets Traci Steele straight as to where they stand, Traci over reacts to new boo, (will never have man w/that attitude), Joseline and K Michelle attempt to make amends with Karlie Redd, Joseline is actually a comedian, Joseline takes Stevie J’s dad’s advice, and decides to put a ring on it, rasheeda-and-mom-10th-annual-v103-atlanta-car-bike-showRasheeda’s mom is off the chain and decides to take matters in her own hand. Kirk is the master of self control with his in-law. Check out the recap of this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta inside…<!–more–> and the Grand Report Video and article reminding us why Erica Can’t With Momma Dee
Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is slowly coming to a close with just three episodes left before the reunion. And there are still a lot of questions left unanswered, and situations that need to be resolved. In short, there’s a lot of fixing that needs to be done.

Mignon-fightWas Mignon and Erica wrong to face Momma Dee and Scrappy with their reactions to Scrappy’s actions regarding Erica pawning the ring? Should she have given it some more time? Meanwhile on the ranch, a messy single traciSteele-rasheedaTraci Steele goes to visit Rasheeda and is giving her the scoop on errthang that happened the other night at her Pretty Girls Rock Party with Kirk, Mary Jane and Bambi talking about how they were #TurntUp in the Hot Tub with Liquor and Babes and Benzino was right in the mix of everything. Hmmmmmmm Quite chilly, Mr. Frost. Kirk-Frost-bikesWell Rasheeda’s Mom Knows how much Kirk likes Bikes so I think she wanted Kirk to see how it feels for something you love to get damaged. I’m not saying what Rasheeda’s momma did was right. But I understand (in my Chris Rock voice)

Drew-Exposes-Deshauns-Criminal-Past-715-2So Traci Steele and her new boo meet up for what should be a peaceful lunch, and for Drew to apologize for being a jerk to Dashaun (the Abs Guru)last week. But we all know no one from LAHH eats peacefully. Drew claims he wants to get to know Dashaun better, but ends up interrogating and blasting him about his past, which includes an arrest, and Traci knew nothing about it. She calls out Dashaun on his dishonesty and decides the best thing to do is it call the whole thing off with him. Deuces, Dashaun.

Traci Steele Boyfriend  Deshaun Johnson, the Guru of Abs was arrested in Atlanta back in 2006. He was was charged with THEFT BY TAKING in Cobb county Georgia.  But thanks to DJ Babey Drew, Traci goes H.A.M on him!

DaShaun Johnson paid $1000 bond to get out of jail. What Traci needs to understand is everyone has a past and no one is perfect. Deshaun has bettered himself since he was 22 and she needs to wake up he’s a good man. She is too blind to see it and she let her ex-Drew ruin her relationship and killed her happiness.

Is Drew a hater? Should Traci get back with Deshaun?

dj-traci-drew-1366307826Later, she and Drew have an honest discussion about their issues and what keeps them from moving on from each other. Drew says all he wants is for Traci to be happy, and we can believe it. We want the same for her too.

joselines-ring-on-hot-97-480x261Pops makes it clear that he is on Team Joseline for Stevie, and tells her to put the pressure on him for that commitment. And that’s exactly what she does with a visit to the jewelers.

Scrappy is desperate to stay out of jail and has to explore other options to stay out of trouble, so he decides to meet with an addiction specialist after failing his piss test with his parole officer. Scrappy admits that he rolls and lights every day and he needs it to function. He doesn’t understand the big deal of that Mary Jane, even said “it feels normal to be high.” Oh. Yeah, treatment might be his best option right now.

rasheedacrying-1369346138Rasheeda turns to her mother once again about her issues with Kirk, who wants to meet up with her face to face to talk it out. But the only person the Boss Chick wants to talk to now is a lawyer. As Rasheeda’s mother is leaving their house, Kirk shows up on his bike.

I’m coming to patch up my relationship, he says. “I’ll help you patch it up!”Mama says as she backs over the bike. And $7000 is up in flames.

Now that’s turnt up!

Check out the entire episode below:

Do you think Rasheeda’s mom went to far when she ran over Kirk’s bike? Is rehab the best thing for Scrappy? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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