TPO Order Denied! Sheree Loses Court Battle with Tamara Tattles (Blogger) sigh!

sheree-whitfield_phaedra-parksPoor Sheree. She and court just don’t go together. Seems the ex RHOA just can’t catch a break. Seems she filed the TPO more just for the principality of the matter. You just can’t go trapsing on people’s property or their family’s property and bad mouth them and post it on the blogs and smile in their face and take pictures! It’s something just not right about that scenario. Well, I believe Sheree got their attention that she is NOT one to be MOCKED!  Continue reading

Former RHOA Looses to Lawyers In Court – Sheree Whitfield “Grand Opening and Grand Closing” In That Order..

The Real Housewives of AtlantaThe former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Sheree Whitfield is learning a hard lesson when it comes to arguing with her lawyers. THEY have sued her and won the battle. TMZreports the  law firm Weinstock & Scavo sued Sheree back in 2010 and claimed that she had $165,000 in legal bills. The bills were from fighting in her divorce batter with former NFL starBob Whitfield. The documents state that Sheree only paid $69,000 and still owed $96,000. She claimed the lawyers were overcharging her and that is why she did not pay the rest of the bill.

ng atlanta housewives 061111After a court battle the judge had decided that Sheree does owe the money and is ordered to pay the remaining balance plus interest for a total of $119, 674.

Sheree Whitfield, Former RHOA- Fired! How She Ended Up Broke!

Friend of the site Terry Shropshire broke it down on Rolling Out News the various numbers of business attempts that Sheree Whitfield just could NOT cut the mustard on. Check out what he had to say:


Whitfield is making half a million dollars per season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” — or should I say “was” since she was unceremoniously escorted off the show last week — then how can she be broke today?

That first season proclamation that “men are intimidated by my success” and that she was looking for “seven figures” in her divorce settlement from former NFL star Bob Whitfield, came back to haunt her in a monumental way, especially since she has been fired from “RHOA” and wasn’t able to develop other streams of income. But she was making a half-million dollars per season.

So, again, we ask: how can Whitfield be broke if she was once in the upper percentile of money makers in America?

Well, let us count the ways:

terry shropshire

How many people think Sheree should be the poster child for “Child Support Services?” Maybe she should be the Face of the Campaign with a Pickett sign in her hand for Single Moms. Or how many think she should just be the poster child for the “Georgia Department of Labor” perhaps giving instructions how to fill out applications for unemployment. She is going to be doing a LOT of practicing. Poor Poor Sheree! Literally! Thank Terry for the article. Be sure to click the link as Terry counts down the ways….

Sneak Peak of the RHOA Season Finale Reunion Show Season 4

Sneak Peak of the RHOA Season Finale Reunion Show Season 4

According to our friends at Wet Paint…..Season 4 is coming to a close for the sassy Southern belles of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Sunday. Kandi launches her new sex-toy line, NeNe’s decision about her marriage is weighing on her, Kim surprises Kroy with a fancy birthday present, and Cynthia hosts a model call at her agency to find Atlanta’s new “it” girl.

Check out Kandi’s casting call of a different sort for her Bedroom Kandi launch party in the clip above. Kandi, Sheree and Phaedra get to sample the goods with complimentary foot massages from some of the hunky male models, while Kandi wonders aloud, “Do we get a happy ending?”

And see the sneak peek below of NeNe’s chat with Cynthia about the fate of her relationship with Gregg. After a season’s worth of wooing from her “business partner” John, is NeNe second guessing her decision to divorce? He said Sheree Whitfield’s Hair is Laid like “Dept of Social Services” Lol!