Toya Wright and Dee Cardriche-Johnson Celebrate 1 yr Anniversary for the Garb Boutique

Toya Wright Dee Cardriche-JohnsonGarb Shoetique 1 Year Anniversary Party in Atlanta

@ColormenaeThe Garb Shoetique was filled with friends, patrons, and family and love (not to 4get to mention Voscato and GTV Vodka) as soon as you walked in the door. The Tiffany Blue Decor and beautiful Garbieees greeting you with Continue reading

TPO Order Denied! Sheree Loses Court Battle with Tamara Tattles (Blogger) sigh!

sheree-whitfield_phaedra-parksPoor Sheree. She and court just don’t go together. Seems the ex RHOA just can’t catch a break. Seems she filed the TPO more just for the principality of the matter. You just can’t go trapsing on people’s property or their family’s property and bad mouth them and post it on the blogs and smile in their face and take pictures! It’s something just not right about that scenario. Well, I believe Sheree got their attention that she is NOT one to be MOCKED!  Continue reading

Usher Wins Primary Custody of his 2 Boys From His Ex Wife Tameka Foster Raymond

Wow! So this all started initially with Usher MERELY seeking more visitation rights for his 2 boys who were in the custody of their mom Tameka Foster (who recently lost her 12 year old in death from a boat accident). RIP Kile. But now it seems the tables has turned as an anonymous source tells the media folk that the Judge has ordered Ex Wife of Usher Raymond Tameka Foster to have several seats (in an empty stadium) after receiving the results back from Tameka Foster’s psychological exam. WOW! Her exam was ordered upon the request that Usher take a drug test. He finally agreed pending Tameka would submit herself to a psychological evaluation. Uhhh Ohhhhh!  I don’t like the sounds of that. Poor Meka. What next?

You know in the words of Lauren Hill “How you gone win when you ain’t right within? How you gone win when you ain’t right within? Come again! “…. That thang that Thang! for real.. Ok Ok Meanwhile, back on the ranch. I’m sure there will be several bloggers down in the courthouse this week trying to get their mitts on the judge’s rulings and see if they can find out what really went down. We may have to Tap into our resources of our buddy…Celebrity Blogger/Gossip Columnist Jose..and get the full Tea.. You know he knows…He’s always got a cup, the tea bag and that pinky finger pointing out as he sips on the tea and dishes out the Dirt on his blog Gossip Extra.

But in the meantime we will stick to the story as told by theGrio : See Below

A person with knowledge of the decision said a judge ruled Friday that the 33-year-old singer will have primary custody of Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. The person was not authorized to release the information and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Usher, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, married Tameka Foster Raymond in 2007. They divorced two years later. Tameka Raymond fought for full custody of their sons while Usher initially asked for more visitation rights.

Usher testified in May that Tameka Raymond spit at and tried to fight his girlfriend during one visit and alleged that his ex-wife hit him during the dispute.

Toya Carter Wright Faces Million Dollar Book Law Suit!

Antonia “Toya” Wright is facing a million dollar lawsuit from the publisher of her New York Times best-seller, Priceless Inspirations.

Farrah Gray Publishing is said to be suing the reality star for not promoting her book adequately. According to the owner Ms. Farrah Gray, is going to file a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court in Northern District of Georgia. Farrah’s resoning for her alligations are that Toya’s “direct, contributory and vicarious inducement of copyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of contract.

Toya tweeted last night her thoughts pertaining to the situation with:

Additional details + Toya’s response below…

Toya’s Publicist has said a few things regarding the issue,

Mrs. Wright consistently went above and beyond her contractual obligations which included: Self- funding a college tour promoting Priceless Inspirations, Cross promotion of her Ampro endorsement by placing the book cover on Ampro products nationwide and allowing Farrah Gray Publishing the platform to promote her book on her highly successful reality show on Black Entertainment Television.

It apparently isn’t the first time Farrah Gray Publishing sued authors for similar circumstances. SandraRose wrote an “On Blast” post last year where another author says she was charged over $92,000 for “tweets and facebook fans that he said we acquired because of the book.”

He has refused to pay us a dime or give us our rights back to our book, prior to the law suit we requested that he sign back our rights to us and that he could keep the money that he stole. Initially he agreed to do so, but later backed out of the release agreement.

The author goes on to say that the publisher’s accounting of the royalty statements from the book “were grossly inaccurate and incomplete.”

Toya situation is similar in that she reminded the publisher that she is actually owed money from their deal AND that her book just so happened to be company’s ONLY NY times bestseller….