Does Tahiry Have Herpes? Are Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose Back Together?

Tahiry-RashidaOk So What in the world did yall think about the lie detector test that the cast members were given last night on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop? They asked Joe Budden if he was in love with Tahiry Jose and he said “HE IS NOT” (the Father)  WOW! 

That was some kind of confession and then they asked if he had slept with his EX since getting bac with Tahiry and he said “Yes”. Then when asked was Tahiry aware Joe said “I don’t know she had to be” … Talk about honesty…. OK but Feb 13th an article was published by and they are referencing Gossip Daily. Well see below to read ALL of it. This is an interesting read. Especially IF it’s true. Well, I can see why Joe Budden isn’t in love with Tahiry Continue reading

Who Wants TheRealTahiry Hair? L’ACIREMA Brazilian Hair Complements the DominicanPecan Ball of Fire

TahiryLaciremaBoxWhy was Joe Budden So in Love? I think he is still sprung! It’s written all over his face. Plus why would he care if they remain friends or not and MEN love to see women act a fool over them too. Yep they do! I think this is the same place she works? So what city are they? Those tips must be good. I don’t blame her for the pullback at work look. Didn’t want to mess up her new Lacirema Brazilian Hair Do Like she had for the Promo Pics