Jay Z “100$ Bill” – New Music

Jay-Z’s last release ‘Open Letter‘ had the people talking and this has the potential to do the same. One of the most anticipated tracks from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, ’100$ Bill’ is here and it doesn’t disappoint. Listen to the full version of the song below and head to NPRto stream the soundtrack in its entirety. Project will be available for purchase on May 7th. Check out out the song on Hip HopnMore

The Great Gatsby soundtrack is available to stream here. And on Hov’s solo set, he proves that money still ain’t a thing. Album drops May 7. Film hits theaters on May 10th.

Is Lil Twist A Bad Influence on Justin Bieber?

lil-twist-and-justin-bieber-red-carpet-16x9Justin Bieber and side kick Lil Twist Hang Out

Is it fair that the media keeps pointing the finger of Blame for  the papparrazi who ( killed “Trying to Take A Photo Of Justin Bieber”) was due to Lil Twist having /driving Justin Bieber’s car. The reports say the police encouraged the papp not to cross there and he indeed crossed and was struck by a car. Justin’s car being his car nor Lil Twits driving the car place no bearing on the papp being determined not to listen to the traffic officer and crossing where it was not safe to do so. I don’t think the media should now detract attention from what happened by saying Lil Twist is a good or bad influence.  Continue reading

Bad News For Jennifer Lopez? $20 Million EXTORTION??? #DISMISSED #WOW

jennifer-sadAccording to our buddies at TMZ and #InFlexWeTrust Jennifer Lopez is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former personal driver, after he sued her saying that he was “forced to resign” because her manager was publicly badmouthing him. J. Lo had filed a $20 million countersuit, saying he was trying to extort her and that he’d demanded $2.8 million from her or he’d put all her business out on the streets. Unfortunately, a judge in the matter has dropped her countersuit. Details below.
Marisa Mendez

TMZ reports that her ex-driver’s attorney had filed a motion to dismiss J.Lo’s suit, saying she was trying to punish him for filing a legitimate employment lawsuit against her. The judge ultimately agreed with him and tossed Jen’s suit out. The original lawsuit against her is still pending.

Nurse Who Committed Suicide After Radio DJ’s Prank Call Photo Revealed ! Wake Up Call Nephew Tommy and Rickey Smiley??

jacintha-saldanha-2Sometimes those DJ’s and Radio VJ’s really have people going on those crank calls. I mean I have listened to Nephew Tommy Some mornings and I was actually in the car feeling a certain kind of way because some of those crank calls have people “TURNT UP”. I mean from preacher man to deacon depending on what Nephew TOmmy has whipped on folks they are seriously “TURNT UP”. Well apparently somebody forgot to say “Not For Real” on a radio station in Australia…see what TMZ reported Finally putting a face to name, the first photo of the nurse from Kate Middleton’s hospital who committed suicide hours after two Australian DJ’s pranked her has just been released.  Continue reading

Clifton Powell Responds to Rape Allegations! The Woman Wanted Money! SMH

Say it isn’t so! It’s 2012 and women are still trying to scam celebrities for their $$. Who’s fault is this type of situation? Should we blame it on the whole casual sex encounter or should we just blame the chicks for trying old tricks thinking because someone may be old school that their antics just might work or pay off? We learned from our friends at Vlad TV and TMZ. But according to Tattletailzz.com Powell wanted to be called “Monique” while he raped her. According to the Court Records. As he raped her in his hotel room, actor Clifton Powell insisted that a woman call him “Monique,” the alleged victim claims in Federal Court.   Suing under the pseudonym Kiyante Myers, the woman says she was 24 when Powell raped her on Aug. 29, 2011. “Defendant Powell is a professional actor that has participated in several movies during his career,” the complaint states. Court Documents  See Clifton Powell’s response below:

Clifton Powell recently spoke out against the allegations of rape made against him by a New Orleans woman. He strongly denies that there is any truth to the accusations made in 2011 by an employee of Harrah’s casino in New Orleans. Ms. Kiyante Myers filed a civil suit in federal court in Louisiana, and she is seeking around $75,000 in damages.

Ms. Myers has already admitted to having sex with Powell, but claims that he was being too rough and didn’t stop after she told him that she didn’t want to continue. Powell, on the other hand, has a very different outlook on what happened. According to his side of the story, he met her in 2010, a year before the alleged rape actually took place, and claims that she hit on him but he shut her down because she came on too strong.

He did however admit to becoming close with her for a brief period of time a year later in 2011, and after they became intimate, she asked him to give her money, which he refused. Powell said that after he refused to pay her any form of money, she threatened to go to the authorities and tell them that he hurt her.

“She got mad because I wouldn’t give her any money. I’ve never hurt anyone. I was never arrested. Never. TMZ is reporting this like it happened yesterday. This happened a year ago, Ryan. And people need to know the truth.”

Classless Ke$sha Tweets Peeing in the Streets – Really Ke$ha??

Ok It’s about 9am and now I gotta walk to the bar! I’m having a real Martini Moment right now as this fool Ke$sha Tweets a picture of herself peeing in the streets. This chick never ceases to amaze me!According to our friends at Celebrity VIP Lounge – well just read for yourself.

Kesha has posted a photo of herself peeing in a street on Twitter. Yep. Apparently girlfriend couldn’t stand holding her wizzer until she got to a toilet and opted for the street instead.

Via Twitter Kesha wrote the following caption: “Pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if you can find meeee (sic). I blame traffik.”

I hope she had toilet paper.

This isn’t the first time Kesha urinated in public. It was back in 2009 that Kesha released herself in a London pub’s sick because the line for the toilets was way too long. At the time, Kesha said, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, girls. I accept it’s uncouth. But it’s just being an animal.”

Come on, who hasn’t peed in the street? Seriously. Heck, I know what Kim K is saying about now. “Kesha girl, peeing in the street ain’t nuttin. It’s all about the golden shower, baby.”


Sheree Whitfield, Former RHOA- Fired! How She Ended Up Broke!

Friend of the site Terry Shropshire broke it down on Rolling Out News the various numbers of business attempts that Sheree Whitfield just could NOT cut the mustard on. Check out what he had to say:


Whitfield is making half a million dollars per season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” — or should I say “was” since she was unceremoniously escorted off the show last week — then how can she be broke today?

That first season proclamation that “men are intimidated by my success” and that she was looking for “seven figures” in her divorce settlement from former NFL star Bob Whitfield, came back to haunt her in a monumental way, especially since she has been fired from “RHOA” and wasn’t able to develop other streams of income. But she was making a half-million dollars per season.

So, again, we ask: how can Whitfield be broke if she was once in the upper percentile of money makers in America?

Well, let us count the ways: http://rollingout.com/entertainment/sheree-whitfield-formerly-of-real-housewives-of-atlanta-how-she-wound-up-broke/

terry shropshire

How many people think Sheree should be the poster child for “Child Support Services?” Maybe she should be the Face of the Campaign with a Pickett sign in her hand for Single Moms. Or how many think she should just be the poster child for the “Georgia Department of Labor” perhaps giving instructions how to fill out applications for unemployment. She is going to be doing a LOT of practicing. Poor Poor Sheree! Literally! Thank Terry for the article. Be sure to click the link as Terry counts down the ways….