Love and Hip Hop Rasheeda and Kirk Frost Host Hip Hop Weekly Fashion Show with RHOA Cynthia Bailey

Rasheeda-HHWRasheeda Frost has got to be one of the prettiest Pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful and classy all the way to the end Check out the shoes. BUT Is it me or is something wrong with this title? These might be the last three names you thought you would see on a subtitle, especially stating they were all hosting an event together. Let’s see which cast members showed up and showed out on the red carpet and who was missing. Continue reading

The Paparazzi Princesses Reginae Carter and Bria Williams Hosts Universal Pictures -Pre Screening of Despicable Me 2 in Atlanta

reginae-briaReginae Carter (Rap Artist Shaniah Jones-middle) and Bria Williams   Despicable Me 2 Opens in theaters July 3rd

The Paparazzi Princesses showed up and surprised a theater filled little human minons, (along w Toya Wright ;-), popcorn, and 3D glasses wearing fans anxious to see Mr. Despicable Me 2 at the AMC Theater. Big fun took place before the movie started with Universal Pictures Despic-A-Bash! There was face painting, Continue reading

Married to Medicine Toya Bush-Harris Cooks with Chef Clarence “Winner of Culinary Fight Night”

Chef Clarence and Chef Toya show the crowd how to really prepare a sauce with Courvoisier Moscato for the best Korean Tacos Ever!
toya-chefClarenceThe Chef and Toya hit the Red Carpet for Courvoisier Cocktails at the Foodie Event
clarence-toyaToya looks like a happy Chef! She must have been dipping in the Courvoisier sauce

toyaCourvoisierModelCVology..Now that’s a new one

StevieToyaDJfadelfStevie Baggs, Toya Bush-Harris and DJ Fadelf


Look at those legs

OVN-ToyaBada Bing Room Danny interviews Toya Bush Harris (Bravo TV’s Married To Medicine)

toya-shay-stevie-oleGirlToya, Shay(Love and Hip Hop-Atlanta) Stevie Baggs and Guest

Kristen-Shay-BobBob Whitfield and Kristen Walter “Get Up Close and Personal” with Shay Johnson aka “Buckye from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

shay-oleGirlStylist & Shay Johnson

ShayShayNice! Smile Girl!

KekeWyatt-Mark-bbbChef Mark of the Buckhead Bottle Bar and KeKe Wyatt from the R & B Divas


Toya Bush-Harris Makes the NY Times News – #Married-To-Medicine Airs on Bravo at 9pm Tonight!

TOyaHarried Married2MedicineMarried to Medicine From left, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Kari Wells and Toya Bush-Harris let the fireworks fly in this reality show in Atlanta on Bravo, Sunday nights at 9, Eastern and Pacific times; 8, Central time.

As quoted at : NY Times Digital Typically, Atlanta reality shows lampoon and sentimentalize the travails of the nouveau riche working in glossy public arenas like fashion, sports and music. “Married to Medicine” does the same thing, but in the supposedly more high-toned world of surgeons, gynecologists and psychiatrists — what one cast member calls “this prestigious lifestyle of being a doctor’s wife” — and its humor has a more classical feeling, reminiscent of a half-century of American social comedy or, more directly, the movies of Tyler Perry. For now, before the need to hold our interest leads to inflated outrageousness and the inevitable accusations of falsity, it’s playing like a pretty good sitcom. The laughs flow from the contrast between the pretensions on display in the cast members’ suburban McMansions and the vivid language used to puncture them — like all good reality TV, the show is its own best critic.

The two primary antagonists in the pilot are Toya, an emergency room doctor’s wife who is both awful and hilarious, and Quad, a psychiatrist’s wife who is new to the circle and immediately labeled low-class and hotheaded. “I can see ghetto from a mile away,” Toya tells the camera, her eyes flashing “I told you so.” “She probably dated a drug dealer at some point, and she lucked up on the doctor dude,” she continues. “At the grocery store.” Toya Bush-Harris pictured below.


The combative Quad, wearing her heart on her sleeve and delivering suspiciously well-cadenced, heart-tugging speeches about the barbarous way she’s treated, seems likeliest to emerge from this scrum with a continuing career — you can already see the spinoff in which she goes to work as a grief counselor or motivational speaker.

The most interesting figure, though, is the reserved, almost patrician Jackie — Dr. Jacqueline Walters, an obstetrician and gynecologist — who speaks, with a mixture of jaw-dropping condescension and shrewd self-awareness, for the dignity of the medical profession and the women of the New South.