Bambi Says “Not Worried” About Scrappy Cheating On Her

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.46.20 AMDon’t Bambi and Scrappy look like that “RIDE OR DIE” couple from Compton? Ok East Point? Lol! Well, Bambi looks great!  In fact according to our friends over at Rolling Out Bambi says “I know him well. I know him beyond TV. I can’t really base what he’s been through with them on how we’ll turn out,” Bambi told Do you think Momma Dee is who Bambi needs to be worried about?  Continue reading

Toast to Erica Dumping Scrappy ” We Commend Your Braveness” – #TheStrongWillSurvive

Erica-Dixon-Lil-Scrappy-ringThis is a very brave thing for Erica to do. All this time the only thing Erica has wanted is for Scrappy to be Faithful and be a great dad to his child. At least he got one of the two things correct.

queen-shayIs the Queen and Shay what led to this? I’m sure his daughter is happy to have a dad that knows how to express so much love. There is nothing like a daddy’s love for his little girl. Too bad Scrappy doesn’t know how to transfer this love into making himself an honest man for Erica. Maybe his heart is still with Shay or maybe like most men he’s just selfish!


LHHA’s Kirk Frost Reported to Have Fathered Child With Stepdaughter????

Good Lord! It’s early in the morning and in my IN BOX I wake up to Breaking but not necessarily shocking news~ According to our friends over at Diary of a Hollywood Street King Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Castmember Rashida Jenkins husband/MANager likes em young???? Hmmmmmm  Continue reading

Carizma’s Martini Mondays Featuring Grand Hustle Recording Artist “Mitchelle’l ” In Case You Missed It



                                                                                  Grand Hustle Artist ‘Mitchelle’l Rocked the Crowd’

                                        Birthday Girl and Friend at Carizma’s Martini Mondays, 1950 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 

These women are trying to figure out what the heck was “Jocelyn Thinking!”??? Love and Hip Hop ATL

Good times were definitely in order this past Monday night at Carizma’s on Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta, GA. There was a viewing party for VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Part 2 Reunion Show. There were Birthday parties celebrated in each corner of the room and there was the special performance by Grand Hustle Recording Artist Mitchelle’l. Check out the scenery in the video and don’t miss next week when Keith Sweat’s recording artists SILK will be in the building.


                  Bravo Carizma!!!! Bravo!!! Martini Monday’s Rule!                                            Martini Mondays “You Will Get to Meet Some Handsome Men Like This One” Check out the Great Smile


The Infamous DJ Salamn (and I know I spelled this name wrong..oops! ) Was Definitely in the Bldg on the Wheels of Steel (ok the turntables) 

                                                                                     Ryan Cameron “Radio Host” V103- The Best MC Ever! 

                                                                                                  The Best Guitar Player in all of Atlanta 

                                            Love and Hip Hop Crowd!  Aren’t those some nice chairs? They are also very comfortable as well

                                                 Yummmmm Doublecross Vodka Martinis from some of the best Waite Staff in the City 


VH1 Love and Hip Hop REUNION SHOW PART II Tonight! Labor Day—-Viewing Party at —“Carizma”— 1950 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta 7pm-WHO’s Getting OFF or ON Stevie J’s BUS?Sneak

 Will Mimi Go Ham on Stevie J? Who will drink to that if she does? Well, my hats off to Mimi and Karlie Redd slated to Cover the pages of Black Men’s Magazine, a NJ Based National Print Publication. I hear these two dolls are looking pretty HAUTE and Classy! Can’t wait til it is released. I think I am able to give you a sneak peak of some of the behind the scene shots!  Continue reading

Label Executive Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Denies Beating K.Michelle

R&B Singer K. Michelle

I must admit when I first saw the tears rolling down this chick’s face on Love and Hip Hop as she told the story about my homie I had the pleasure of meeting, I knew something didn’t seem quite right. You know what they say “There are 3 sides to every story”. I will bet somebody 3 Martinis that MeMpHiTz never laid hands on a female his entire life.. I know the character of a Real Man when he approaches me and I definitely would be caught off guard on my personal judgement if there is any truth to these crazy allegations. Seems like another case of the Bitter Ex. Can we get a reality TV show called “Bitter Ex’s” oops! I forget we already have BBW-Miami and LA. Who will drink to that one with me? Check out what the homey “MeMpHiTz” said according to our friends over at “The Hip Hop Blog”

MeMpHiTz Sets the Record Straight Regarding VH1 Love and Hip Hop Artist “K. Michelle” at KKN

Nikki Nicole, Kandi, the DJAOne and Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Jr.

Former VP of A&R at Jive Records “MeMpHiTz” set the rumors straight on Kandi Koated Night. Check out what our friends at Vibe Magazine had to say and then watch the clip.

Kandi , The DJ A One, MeMpHiTz

Lil Scrappy, Nikki Nicole, Comedian, The DJ AOne, Nasim Tindall (Host) Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee (spotted) at a Southside Club in Atlanta

Lil Scrappy Nikki Nicole Comedian Kandi , The DJ A one, Naim