Peter Gunz Selling Out For Reality T.V? Scumbag? Or Just Plain Mean and Heartless?

rsz_petergYou know what’s crazy? The only reason I was upset because of Peter Gunz actions was because of the possibility that his girlfriend Tara had no head’s up that this situation would slap her in the face on Reality TV to reveal the fool she had been on National television for all her family and friends to see. Lots of women live secret relationships SOLO of course, (so secret the men have no clue the relationships even exist) Which take you back to my article entitled (3 Steps to Recognizing Delusional behavior) Continue reading

Brad James, Tasha Smith, Oprah Winphrey #Goodtimes with Cast of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” #PressJunket

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 1.52.12 AMTyler Perry’s Cast and Network Owner “Oprah Winfrey” apparently had some great conversation or strong drinks at the press junket in Los Angeles on September 11th. Everyone seemed really happy (I think 100 episodes of anything) as an actor would make me laugh. “Brad James let us hold a lil something buddy!”  Continue reading

Mister Cee Caught On Tape Driving With Cross-Dressing Prostitute, Resigns From HOT 97

Mister Cee Resigns from radio stationHot 97’s DJ Mister Cee’s name is in the news for all the wrong reasons, again. A cross dressing drag queen named Bimbo Winehouse claims to have a voicemail recording of Mister Cee soliciting him/her for sexual services. In the video, Winehouse starts off singing Continue reading

The Game Definitely is in Love with at Least 2 Females “Married to the Game” Returns – Season 2 Co-Parenting

Cali Dream wants to know " Who Wanna Hold Something?" Not my Daddy's Money!

Cali Dream wants to know ” Who Wanna Hold Something?” Not my Daddy’s Money!

Not My Daddy’s Mommy’s Money! Cali Dream is making media waves right now with her beautiful mini me “Just Like My Daddy” looks posted on instagram. Our friends over at Rolling Out shared the best stories. Married to The Game returns for season 2 on Vh1 – Monday nights and just in time to replace Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. We need that drama break!

Picture 340The Game definitely has a Daddy’s Little Girl! This is too Cute!

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This Face is Priceless "We Love You Cali Dream"

This Face is Priceless “We Love You Cali Dream”

No Wonder The Game is in Love “Look at this Precious Face”
Picture 347Who’s Tuning In to Married to the Game Season 2 on Vh1? 

Picture 351Co-Parenting As they navigate the ups and downs of co-parenting, Tiffney and Game realize although they are no longer arguing, they are also no longer talking.

Picture 352The Game is a Great Dad! Loves His Kids

Picture 353Daddy’s Little Girl! “Cali Dream” 

Picture 356Wow! These are the most important years of a little Girls life!  Fellas you are never too hard to be A GOOD FATHER! #THEGAMETheDADDYthatIsAlwaysThere

Picture 358SuperDads Make it Look Easy

Picture 349TIffney Seeks the Advice of Daphne Wayans “Ex Wife of Keenan Wayans” aka The Co-Parenting Guru

Tiffney Seeks the Advice of the Co-Parenting Guru Daphne Wayans

Tiffney Seeks the Advice of the Co-Parenting Guru Daphne Wayans

Will The Game and Tiffney Ever Get it Together? Tiffney admits she never really evaluated what it would be like to be the wife of a Rapper.. She is wanting Jaceon to commit more to the relationship than his actions showed in the past. What do you think ? Is the extra money that Jaceon “The Game” brings to the table “Extra Rapper Money” and lifestyle worth more than being able to put their differences aside and build a family under the same roof? The couple obviously have love for each other and the main thing they have in common are the kids. Tiffney will not be able to move on and date anyone else because it’s so obvious where her heart is. I’m a bit confused as to what she expects from “Jaceon”. He appears to be a good provider, he does not neglect the kids, he loves his woman and he doesn’t appear to be running the streets.

Do you think Tiffney is being unreasonable and just wasting time waiting for a “Fairy Tale” THE GAME that 95th and Colden was just not able to produce? #IJS I think Jaceon describes it best at the end of the trailer he says “Maybe you want something that doesn’t exist”

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Ajiona Alexus and T Rep to Host “Shortys Rip the Runway” at the Georgia International Convention Center Today 11am-6pm

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 11.30.08 AMThere are so many things going on in the city today. From the NBAF Gala at the Intercontinental Hotel, the National Black Arts Festival taking place at the Underground, Six Flags Over Georgia’s Live Performances (Hosted by Carlos Coleman) and Ms Juicy from Continue reading

Reality TV Destroys Another Couple! VH1 Love and Love and Hip Hop Rasheeda and KIRK are DONE!!!

simcolFM-RasheedaKIRKMan! Another one bites the dust! If we keep receiving news of couples we come to know and love on reality TV getting divorced left and right then I am going to definitely start putting Kahlua in my morning coffee. This news surfaced before my 1st cup of coffee today. WOW! What the hell??? I will definitely drink to this. It appears  Continue reading

Who Wants TheRealTahiry Hair? L’ACIREMA Brazilian Hair Complements the DominicanPecan Ball of Fire

TahiryLaciremaBoxWhy was Joe Budden So in Love? I think he is still sprung! It’s written all over his face. Plus why would he care if they remain friends or not and MEN love to see women act a fool over them too. Yep they do! I think this is the same place she works? So what city are they? Those tips must be good. I don’t blame her for the pullback at work look. Didn’t want to mess up her new Lacirema Brazilian Hair Do Like she had for the Promo Pics


Own Your Grown- Men Over 40 “James Hannah Said It Best” You Are 40- Accept It “Grown Man Up”

There are a few things on “truthpaste” you shouldn’t be doing once you turn 40. You shouldn’t be a New Babydaddy, You shouldn’t be impressed with New Rims, You shouldn’t be at the Club looking for new girlfriends. You shouldn’t believe your 23 yr old girlfriend isn’t cheating on you with a 26 yr old man. If you want to catch some other things James Hannah thinks you shouldn’t be doing then follow him on facebook

Fab 5 Freddy Curates You Tube – Talks “Exit Through The Gift Shop” – Check it OUT

“Anywhere I thought my name needed to be I put it there.”

“No more spray-paint this time around. I’m using Rocks on Canvas Baby”, Fab 5 Freddy 2010

We Love it!!! Even though this video is 2 years old, I ran across it and wanted to share it. Just like my Daddy Fab 5 Freddy makes everything he speaks about or is involved in so relevant. He’s the only true renaissance man that I know who’s aging backwards like Benjamin Button.

Follow “The Harlem Legend” on Twitter @FabNewYork

*About Fab 5 Freddy

Pioneering Hip-Hop personality Fab 5 Freddy is currently a featured artist in MOCA’s “Art in The Streets.” A long-time graffiti artist, the founding host of “Yo! MTV Raps” has his first solo exhibit on display at Gallery 151 in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside.

The pieces are a fusion of graffiti and Warhol-influenced painting that embody Fab 5 Freddy’s various experiences.
“I’m remixing forms and shapes from my past and kind of turning it into something new,” he toldWPIX in New York. For more info visit.


Allegedly – The Cast of Gossip Girls Revealed (New Pilot VH1)

So I guess now we have it. Who really cut the mustard to appear on the Official Gossip Girls Cast.


See below

Kim Osorio – First Female Editor and Chief of the Source Magazine

Angela Yee – Host and Radio Personality

Sharon Carpenter – of Global Grind 

Jas Fly 

Ms Drama