R Kelly “Black Panties” Twitter Promo Gone Wrong #EpicFail R Kelly

R Kelly Black PantiesR. Kelly Forgive and Forget “NOT Happening” For R Kelly

Oh my Goodness! This is definitely an article for #IHATEMYPUBLICIST to read. Even though R Kelly has the Album of the week we never denied that R Kelly is not a Musical Genius. BUT sometimes no matter how talented the Highly talented are it does not erase the fact that the fans are never quick to forget when we make mistakes. Good Bad Ugly Mistakes or just down right Raunchy,low down dirty mistakes! WetPaint is too comical.

“On December 10, when the 46-year-old held an #AskRKelly Twitter Q&A, his fans (haters?) made it clear they’re not ready to forgive and forget. We won’t post the tweets here for reasons of sensitivity, but you can peruse the best (worst?) questions on Straight From the A. To sum it up, the R&B singer opened the door for a flood of #funnynotfunny tweets about his controversial past.”

R Kelly Another Martini MomentPhoto Credit: PhotoManJJWStyle

We know that God don’t like ugly, he gives a rat’s behind about the pretty and could care less about the fashionable too BUT the Dirty Low down he let’s the fans handle. Take a peek at how R Kelly‘s #AskRKelly Tweet Along Went down. Attn: R Kelly PR Team next time just stick with #DontASkRKelly   

R Kelly Black Panties

R Kelly New Album Black PantiesThe StereoGum.com seems to have some mixed reviews:

The trouble with Black Panties is that so much of it fails to reflect that genius. Aside from a brief stretch in the middle of the album that tackles other topics such as R. Kelly’s personal history (“My Story”), his buddies (“Right Back”), his money (“Spend That”), and his haters (“Shut Up”), the 17-song tracklist is all sex all the time, which is obviously not a problem in and of itself. But while the first half is frequently rapturous, as the album begins to sprawl to impossible lengths rivaling any set of king-size bedsheets, the songs start to run together, resembling some lesser talent’s impression of the R. Kelly chocolate factory. Behold a masterful lothario on autopilot: “Crazy Sex” is about crazy sex. “Physical” is about getting physical, you know, in bed. “Every Position” is about how Kellz wants to have sex in every position. Are we sure he didn’t write these spontaneously during interviews too? Meanwhile, he’s assembled every sex-crazed collaborator you could want on an R. Kelly album in 2013, including Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Future, Juicy J, Migos, and Kelly Rowland, lest we forget she sang on the sumptuous Mike Will Made-It production “Kisses Down Low.” Yet so many of those guests are squandered, whether that’s Rowland and Kellz engaging in tired sex-as-drugs banter on “All The Way,” or turning the lone contribution from ratchet producer extraordinaire DJ Mustard into one of the album’s few songs not about having extremely ratchet sexual relations. Talk about a missed opportunity!

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