Bobby Brown Ordered to Spend 55 days in Jail! #JesusTakeTheWheel

Bobby BrownReally Bobby?? You have GOT to be kidding me! Where was his handler and personal assistant who keeps him out of trouble?See how valuable handlers are??? They keep you out of trouble. How in the Heezy does someone who has a blow in breathalyzer attached to the steering wheel get in the car and attempt to drive. WHO was in the car with him??? Who would let him drive under those circumstances? Clearly he must have been driving someone else’s vehicle. Now who was crazy enough to let the “Every Little Step” singer behind the wheel under the influence. I thought we went this route before and we were going to set a better example for Bobbi Kristina? Well now we know who ain’t. This could mean

him facing prison time because Los Angeles City Attorney Spokesperson Frank Mateljan tells E! News that the singer was sentenced to 55 days in jail after pleading no contest today to driving under the influence and to driving on a suspended license (the license is suspended due to a prior conviction for driving under the influence.)

But that’s not all.

According to our friends at E News. “Bobby Brown pleads not guilty to latest round of DUI charges

In addition to his jail time, Brown was placed on 48 months of summary probation, ordered to pay a $500 fine plus penalty assessment, complete the an 18-month alcohol program and comply with standard DUI conditions for his first charge.

On the second count, the he was placed on 36 months of summary probation, ordered to pay a $300 fine plus penalty assessment, install an ignition interlock device—an alcohol Breathalyzer that prohibits the driver from starting the car if they blow above the limit.

Brown, who was not present in court today but represented by his attorney Tiffany Feder, will report to jail on March 20.  As a condition of his surrender terms, he is to attend three A.A. classes a week.  ”

September 21st at the Tom Joyner Family ReUnion Bobby prided himself on being off alcohol for 21days. how many days was it really? Bobbbbbbbby! Do Better Mannnnnnnn!!!


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