Top Dogg Talks Dog Bite Prevention With Fox5 Atlanta’s Anchor Tacoma Perry

peace-Dogs-TopDPeace, Top Dogg’s son, Tacoma Perry, Tzar, Top Dogg, Top Dogg’s Other Son and MAX “Drexina’s son” 

TopDogg-kidsTacoma Perry invited Top Dogg to discuss why and how he started being a Master K-9 Trainer over 30yrs ago. To discuss why Dog Bite Prevention Intervention by a Dog Expert is so important it was only fitting that we hauled it straight over to the pre-school to discuss this with the children- since a large percentage of bites occur with children and with dogs that they know. Check out the Video

Rashad says 4.7 million people every year are bitten by dogs, and 70 percent of them are kids 8 years old and under. He says the first thing to teach your children is to not run from dogs.

“Kids will run from a dog even when a dog is not aggressive toward the kid. They just see a dog across the street, and they take off running.” Said Rashad.


Rashad says running sets dogs into prey mode and a dog will chase, just because a child is running.

“Teach kids to stand still, hold their ground. Put their arms over their chest, think positive thoughts. The dog will come up smell you, get bored with you and move on,” Rashad said.

Rashad says big or small, teach your children to always ask permission of a dog’s owner and wait for a response.
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“And the person that’s holding the dog should walk the dog over for the pet, and then the child extend his hand out, fingers curled back, wrist curled back, until the dog smells you and then you want to reach around and pet the dog,” said Rashad.

He says tell your children never to take anything from a dog or tease them. Rashad says with a little education big tragedies can be prevented.

Top Dogg is attempting to go down in the “Guinness World Record Attempt” June 1, 2013 to further bring awareness to this epidemic. REGISTER TODAY! Check out how to register today… and don’t forget to tune in every Saturday to Dog Talk Radio

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