Another Martini Moment with Jonell-PR “The Event Reporter ” on -VIDEO

JonellPR-Kristen-BobWDid you get a chance to check in with us last week? Whatupbob – Bob Whitfield, K-Dubb Kristen Walter, Terry Shropshire (White house Correspondent, Soul Train Cruiser), and Super Producer “Shondrae Crawford known to the world as Mr Bangladesh joins The Event Reporter every week for MartiniPassion-bob-terriMoments, KeKe’ing, Knee Slapping, Cocktails, and the Celebrity Entertainment Report. If you ever want to get general “opinions’ on Kobe Bryant and his Mom Catfight that’s actually a battle between kobe-bryant-is-suing-his-mom-for-stealing-his-memorabilia(1)__oPtKobe and the Auction Shop,  Mariah Carey’s feud with Nicki Minaj, NBA Players that can penetrate, Pepsi Cola dropping Lil Wayne and Moma June finding love on a 2way street and implementing a new Fashion standard for weddings; Tune in!

Jason-Collins-Comes-Out-in-Sports-Illustrated-2Jason Collins – But what about his fiance’? Was this fair?

Bangladesh-Lem-ontheendWatch bits and pieces of the shoe as you have time. Find out what happened to Bob and Sheree’s sex tape, what really gets taught to Stanford grads and the Political Correctness Element to being Black.

lebron-(LeBron James) to become MVP for the 4th time in a row

Then there’s Bangladesh-MICrophoneBangladesh’s view on Sports! This is the best Hour you will have of laughs for the entire week! Shout out to PMC Marketing for sharing the new Courvoisier Cocktails “Moscato and Wine” with us!  Drink recipes to be posted soon.


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